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Plot // Setting

    "Tonight, we rehearse for the greatest- ...Okay, I'm not gonna do that damned starved Squidward quote..."

    "I just thought it would be funny but that'll be awkward."

    "This world's a clashing mess! So, let us get down to business..."

    "Meanwhile, in the galaxies and universes... There was a wizard, a crazy wizard. They were planning to take over the earth but some heroes stepped up and stopped them from doing so. However, after they left the base, the wizard's potion was suddenly split onto the floor and the potion that had been split had a portal in it! It was thought not to spread, but... Unfortunately, it did, in-fact, spread."

    "However, let's get back to our universe, known commonly as the Earth."

    "There was a news flash about a strange portal opening in an average little store in the city. Nobody seemed to care, but you did. So, you went adventuring, grabbed a snack before you headed out and then you went to that very store."

    "Finding a small portal, the choice's up to you... What will things take you into? "
  • "Where are all these people coming from? This is getting out of hand!" -Korby Pureheart
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