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RP // Introductions and Backstories

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The World-Colliding Mess Where the action happens and the portals appear out of nowhere... This is it, the World-Colliding Mess itself. Beware its' contents, who knows what is out there in the world your character has found? Sub-forums: Introductions and Backstory IC 1 14 In: The Earth. (:P)
By: Korby Pureheart
At: March 27, 2023 5:23am


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Off-Topic Got something to talk about? Maybe your cat (or dog), just your day and the weather? New game you're playing? A silly joke you've heard? Here we are! The Off-Topic area to talk about just that! IC 0
Meme Dump What better way to interact OOC...than to dump memes? He he... OOC 1 5 In: Dump memes here.
At: March 6, 2023 1:46am

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