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090218: Sorry, I been a bit distant. ;v; I got a lot on my mind lately. Got a lot of work stuff to take care of. Slowly replyinggg

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Hi I'm a mango. Sometimes I draw things but a lot of times I'm just a mango.
• general •

• I'm an illustrator/designer, work full time as a toy designer tho!
• I think 90% of the time I'm thinking about drawing or what to draw next and 10% of the time thinking about how tired I am.
• I may or may not draw some scenes from RPs if I feel inspired to do so! Of course, if you are uncomfortable with that, please tell me.

• rp preferences •
• I'm definitely a paragraph/lit rper and can be quite verbose and I prefer Rpers who are also lit/ multi-para. I don't expect you to match in length but I am not a one-liner RPer.
• If you feel like my pace is too slow, please tell me to kick it up a notch! I really like slowly building up an RP, I'm not the type to just jump into things without character set-up/ motivation/ thoughts. Yeah I'm that kind of RPer. ;v; Just tell me if you feel like I'm dragging tho!
• Though I have a general setting I prefer to play in (this one here), the setting is not set in stone, nor do you have to join any faction. I actually prefer some worldbuilding from the other party too, to be honest, I like a 50/50 split the best.
• Every character is pretty much developed enough to RP with. uvu I don't want anyone to read through a 20-page dramatic rendition of my character's past and I always feel like it's better to reveal a character slowly through RP than a huge info dump upfront. That's how you get to know people in RL too right?
• I work full-time so I might not be able to reply straight away! My work and drawing take priority but I'll try my best to reply in a timely matter! Don't be afraid to give me a prod now and again tho.
• Chat with me when we RP! <3 I like back and forth, just planning things out and getting to know your character more through OOC talk too. uvu
• I am not squeamish about violence, language, or sex and I'm fine with RPs that contain those themes if they come up. But if I'm uncomfortable with anything, I'll tell you. Also if I'm not feeling an RP, I will also tell you. I'm pretty upfront about most things!
• All drawings and illustrations related to my characters or groups are my own unless otherwise stated. Obviously, please don't take as your own.

• groups •

far wilds | dnd recap •
syndicate | mafia x urban fantasy •
air | sci-fi/fantasy •

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Semi | Aiden | Toni | Sev | Allie | Intan | Alex | Bastion

Rave Reviews

I am here to say that MintyFreshMangos is one of my favorite people to RP with, period. Not only are they creative, but they are spectacular in their replies. Any and every word Minty uses leaves the reader satisfied with the story progression. Minty brings rich and lively lore with their characters, making the partner writing journey so rewarding.

If you are like me, and you write lore and world build, then please consider RPing with Minty <3 - Raspberry_Beret

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