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[FIRESIDE CHAT] Apologies for the long break

Posted by OKAY Employees (played by mk_97) May 1st 2014, 9:26pm
I call it long because I was supposed to update with Episode 1 a few days ago, but school got in the way, and you know what happens when school and free time collide. Anyways, midterms are almost over, and I can post Episode 1 around Wed./Thurs. next week.

I've also personally decided that I've got enough core characters in the OKAY Employees profile. In the early interviews I hadn't fleshed out their individual personalities too much, focusing more on the questions and the interviewee at hand. Hopefully limiting myself will help build characterization and more...warmth as I find my RP footing.

Sorry I'm taking so long. I'll be around RPR doing side RPs to jog my memory and find my voice, but OKAY requires more time for me to flesh out in my opinion. -mk_97

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