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  • Back from Inactivity

    Posted by Richard Ruiz (played by mk_97) December 23rd 2014, 8:15pm I'm back from inactivity.

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  • [IMPORTANT] Hiatus until June

    Posted by Richard Ruiz (played by mk_97) May 25th 2014, 1:32pm Apologies for the long delay, but...I've hit a creative slump.

    Homework and a recent tragedy in my school have complicated matters. I am so sorry for not responding to anyone at all during this time. On the other hand, this hiatus has given me time to think over how I'm running this group, how I'm...

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  • [FIRESIDE CHAT] Apologies for the long break

    Posted by OKAY Employees (played by mk_97) May 1st 2014, 9:26pm I call it long because I was supposed to update with Episode 1 a few days ago, but school got in the way, and you know what happens when school and free time collide. Anyways, midterms are almost over, and I can post Episode 1 around Wed./Thurs. next week.

    I've also personally decided that I've got...

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  • [REMINDER] Episode 1, and a few things

    Posted by Richard Ruiz (played by mk_97) April 20th 2014, 9:58am It's been nearly two months since I established this group, and I really want to get something going soon.


    Episode 1's thread(s) will begin between Monday and Thursday.

    Here's the thing - anyone, regardless of Freelancer status, can join in. I've been thinking about how I've been conducting...

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  • [IMPORTANT UPDATE] Interview Process, RP Logistics

    Posted by OKAY Employees (played by mk_97) April 11th 2014, 4:40pm My reasoning for the interview process is simple: think of it as a different way of developing a character biography. We get to know some parts of the characters, and their motivations. It's also a preview of a person's writing style when it comes to the main RP.

    Membership is slow and infrequent,...

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  • Putting it all together, Part 1 of ???

    Posted by OKAY Employees (played by mk_97) March 16th 2014, 11:01pm OKAY, SO...!

    Here are my plans for this group as of tonight. Once I get around 4 to 5 people successfully signed up (not necessarily interviewed) we can begin discussing the general format of an "episode" of the RP.

    So, it's like-

    You are inside one of the OKAY Cores. You're all gathered for an...

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