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History and Legend

  • The History of Thornmouth

    1. Thornmouth started as a human port/fort in a war against the fae kingdom two hundred years ago. It lasted a long time with increasing tensions in the isthmus, which at the time was a 'no-man's land' and considered sacred to the fae. Especially the bay and the forest full of thorn trees found there.
    2. The landbridge was the chokehold held by the fae on the other side, whom claim the eastern border there.
    3. King Oberon and Queen Titania ruled over both the seelie and unseelie courts. Oberon - Unseelie, Titania - Seelie.
    4. Oberon and Titania had several children.
    5. Oberon falls in the battle on the landbridge, his body becomes the great tree in the clearing known as 'Oberon's Rest'. It stirred up such a fervent response that the fortress was nearly destroyed and seemed prime to fall on the next assault. However, voices of reason called for peace before the central region became of place of endless war.
    6. Fae kingdom finally agrees to 'peace talks', Titania meets with the human high king.
    7. High king and Titania come to an agreement that there will be peace as long as no territory is reclaimed by the fae on the mundane side of the land bridge, and vice versa. The Sundering will become the dividing line between them and the newly claimed territory its own kingdom. The other side now belongs to the fae, expanding their kingdom and leaving no land on the isthmus unclaimed.
    8. Titania names conditions that the mundie religion not be brought to their doorstep: Thornmouth must remain neutral on the isthmus with no religion sanctioned by the king there. It must also remain magical with no further assault taken on the land beyond 'holding back' the forest. The High King names his own terms: travelers through moon gates on the fae side of the river must be allowed to pass freely, ???
    9. Half-built chapel abandoned (later reclaimed as the Academy).
    10. Thornmouth becomes a small town, later growing into a fruitful city.
    11. Tense relations tested continuously by human and fae alike, giving way to the formation of the court guard and the faewatch.
    12. Tensions continue to rise. Clashes between populations and guard, acts of violence occur from both sides.
    13. New King, King Galen, named after his father (the previous king) passes away. Coronation attended by angry fae, king hit with rotten fruit and fights break out.
    14. King Galen slowly grows apart from his father's ideals, seems to understand the anger of the fae and one of his first acts as king is to open their ports to fae and connect fae and human ports for trade.
    15. Through continual interaction over the years, more fae blood seeps into the city through breeding, tensions are high within the city and the king is blamed by purists who want the city to remain mundane.
    16. King Galen stands by this being a good decision but tensions rise anew due to this decision not being respected.
    17. King Galen meets with the new fae king (Oberon's eldest son <name>) and discusses a course of action. They agree upon an arranged marriage.
    18. King Galen marries a fae princess ('New' fae king's daughter Eilwen) to solidify his stance to his people and to encourage peace with the fae AND mundies.
    19. Has four children, two sons, two daughters, who are half fae. He believes this is a new era for Thornmouth, and hopefully the world.
      He loses a lot of respect from the human courts and high king, becoming the butt of everyone's jokes. No one likes his decisions and he's believed to be at high risk of assassination for this. All kinds of people are being allowed into the city and there are many who have a low tolerance for this.
    20. His wife, Queen Eilwen rules with an iron fist. She is a stern woman but not unkind. She has no patience for intolerance and can be quite terrifying. Has wings.
    21. Despite all this, Thornmouth is at its most peaceful, but it is not without conflict. It is in the process of changing.
      AND despite the respect the king lost, the kingdom remains integral to their neighbors for holding back the forest, providing certain trade opportunities and being the main point of traveler entry via moon gate.
  • Local Legends

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