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  • A planet once known in the descriptive as "a nexus of worlds", over the past two thousand years of colonization the word has merged naturally into Anexus, an apt name for the gateway planet. It is connected to many other worlds by 'natural' phenomena caused by debris from the moon Aetheros. The planet is a world of two moons: one bright and mundane, the other looming and dark save for a brilliant scar erupting with magical aether. They're considered to be parallels to the world beneath them, a division between the mundane and the magical.

    Anexus is separated into two distinct hemispheres: one largely dominated by a supercontinent called Hy-Brazir and the rest of the planet covered by the expanse of The Great Annexian Ocean. It is largely uncharted and while rumors abound of mysterious island chains and even other continents, the maps at this time remain largely blank save for warnings to beware of the 'endless sea'. It is well known that the great ocean is filled with as many horrors as wonders and few to none who dare to explore her waters ever return. In the deeper regions south past the safer band of ocean used for trade routes is the Free Seas ruled by pirates.

    It is a relatively small world with a low population density of perhaps 200 million across Hy-Brazir.
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    (polar ice caps and unknown lands not shown)
  • Origins of Anexus

    In the beginning there were four wizards: these four pillars of power were the men and women who first found this land and dedicated their lives to protecting it and the dragons there (or so the story goes). Yet as is the risk with land and power to be claimed, one of the four became intoxicated by their lust for dominion and began to bring in darkly aligned soldiers through dimensional doors. It is unknown which of the four seen in ancient illustrations it was: the truth of what happened and their names have been lost to time. In response the remaining three made a great sacrifice to trap themselves along with their evil companion (some say sibling) inside of the greater moon above the planet, thus giving birth to Aetheros and the portals that now bring others to this world. The scar and its effects are thought to be an attempt to escape, the gateways a subsequent manifestation of this will.

    At least 2000 years have passed since this time and much of their history has been lost to legend and speculation. What truths remain among the myths are a subject of rich debate among scholars and intrepid explorers.

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    โ€œThe Splitting Continentโ€


    Hy-Brazir is often depicted on other worlds as a disappearing island and many have debated its legitimacy. These glimpses of Hy-Brazir have even appeared upon maps, one famous appearance being placed near Ireland on Earth. A man and his family are rumoured to have been three times to the island to meet a wizard and his many giant black rabbit familiars.

    In reality Hy-Brazir is a large continent on a planet named Anexus. These appearances occurred in the wake of portal showers, when debris from Aetheros struck Anexus and around them formed mysterious crescent portals that began to connect the land to other worlds. In the process, some lands existed in dual-realities where they flickered in and out of the realm they were being connected to. When at last the process settled, these glimpses of other lands disappeared forever from the other worlds, connected only by near invisible 'cracks' in the fabric of timespace. Unsurprisingly, the earth portal does exist somewhere in Ireland, but often overlooked and in the sea, now known only as Brazir Rock.

    This continent is in the process of separating and showcases distinct eastern and western halves, a large volcanic sea between them and below it, the land bridge making up the central region separating east and west. In the east are the mundane lands of humans, dwarves, and orc. In the west lies the expansive fae wilds and the lands of various magical peoples.

    It is a world of wonder and exploration, settled by most races for only so many hundreds of years. There are still great stretches of uncharted territory filled with mysteries and dangers, ever changing due to the nature of consistent migration from other worlds. A great many species are invasive, introduced via moon gates over the past two thousand years - many have found their place in the ecosystem and even become tentatively native, but others are nothing but destructive horrors that call to be eliminated or driven back from whence they came.

    Notable Eastern Locations

    Dwarven City

    The capital city of the dwarven kingdom in the mountains to the northeast.

    Port Kalamis
    Human City

    A highly religious city placed on a peninsula of the far northeastern coast. It is the capital of the theocratic - empire.

    Notable Western Locations

    Meel Caeldora
    Elven City

    Floating Mountain Range

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  • The Central Region and The Kingdom of Thornmouth


    The Central Region of Hy-Brazir is an isthmus primarily Mediterranean in climate - hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters until the supernatural snow falls. It is well known for having the clearest skies of any land during a summer night, the view of the stars on the isthmus matched only by the Penmoor Isles themselves. The vegetation is ample and varied, supported by both fertile climate and volcanic soil. While it hosts many smaller settlements including mining towns and fishing villages, the city of Thornmouth by far hosts the largest population and easily takes the role of capital in the kingdom now named for it. It is divided into five provinces: the southern portlands that host the capital, the expansive eastern steppe, the northwestern mountains, the northern wastes before the central sea, and the southwestern swamplands (although most of the trolls living there very much still consider it their own land).


    The Kingdom of Thornmouth takes up most of the eastern half of the landbridge, stopping where the river-strait marks the border to the west, the black sands mark the borders to the north, and the sands of the desert mark the borders to the east. In large part the miles between locations are filled with wilderness as cultivated land is somewhat limited due to various hazards, but new settlements are always being built regardless. What arable land is safe enough to maintain primarily surrounds the capital.

    In the direct north of the region lie grasslands, dunes, and beaches between the capital city and the centerpiece of the continent: the Central Sea, where the dragons rule from the Isles of Penmoor. A population of merfolk share the area in the waters below. The sea is hugged by mountain ranges on both sides housing numerous volcano, but the most notable in the area is Mount Penmoor upon the main isle of Penmoor Keep. The northern wastes between city and sea are far from barren, but are named so due to the ruins of long abandoned settlements, dangerous bell pit remains, and dragonfire scorched grasslands around the black sand beaches. It is alternatively well known for its hot springs!

    In the far north the volcanic waters of the Central Sea open via the Northern Passage, a dangerous channel separating tundra ranges and boreal forests of the north on both sides of the continent. The Frozen Sea lies beyond that, an enormous body of water filled with ice protecting a large island and whatever lies beyond in the great ocean. It is presumed there is a polar cap, but there is little to no knowledge of what lies beyond the ice of the northern sea, at the โ€˜top of the worldโ€™. While the Central Sea and the northern channel have been looked at as a hopeful exploratory route for centuries, both the dragons and the merfolk who claim rule over the Central Sea makes marine navigation there impossible.

    In the south the harbor city of Thornmouth is cradled in the bowl of a bay, the shape of which combined with an underwater barrier reef helps temper the high tides. It is an area lined with coastal beaches and numerous caves.

    In the west of the region there is a thick forest of deciduous and evergreen trees called The Mushroom Forest that cradles a portion of swamplands in the southwest and The Sleeping Mountains in the northwest where snow can be found all year round on Mount Arakho. These trees transition unnaturally to temperate forests as one travels westwards, becoming an increasingly strange biome filled with bioluminescent mushrooms and mysterious creatures. An integral multiworld gate called the Bridge of Morel is found here just west of landmark called Oberonโ€™s Rest, a moon gate well watched for travelers by seelie and unseelie alike. It is beyond the natural border of the Sundering Sound that one finds The Western Marches taking up the other side of the isthmus, a buffer zone between the fae lands and the Kingdom of Thornmouth.

    It is increasingly less lush to the east where brush fades into a semi-arid steppe and then becomes true desert. The Nameless Desert is an arid rain shadow desert that must be passed before reaching the tropical rainforests and dense jungles of the eastern coasts. It is a deadly and treacherous place filled with secrets and little water, but the singular trade route running through it into the west is a major one that many rely upon. In the waters beyond the eastern ocean lay lands unknown - the waters are incredibly dangerous and few to none who venture out in exploration ever return, but stories of countless islands and distant lands exist.

    It is a hot bed for sea monsters in the seas south of the east, which some who live on the coasts there hunt for incredible profit. It is rare that such beasts roam further northwest into the vicinity of Thornmouth, but it is known to happen on occasion.
  • Locations of Note

  • Population: 2.6 million
    Size: roughly 40,000 square miles*
    (*roughly the size of Iceland or Kentucky)
    Climate: Mediterranean
    Settlements: two cities (one major, one minor), twenty odd towns, numerous villages and isolated dwellings
    Waters: the central sea (a large volcanic sea north of the landbridge), the Bay of Thornmouth opening into the southern ocean, a central river-strait dividing the region west of Thornmouth, volcanic hot springs, a swamp in the southwest, lakes in the forests and mountains
    Mountains: many ranges surround the northern sea, including a few volcano
    Local Races: human, orc, dwarf, fae, elf, merfolk, dragon, troll, werebeast, vampire, giants, centaur, goblins, lizardfolk, dwerg, mimoid

    The mix of biota in the region is a wildly diverse one of both locally occurring and introduced species. A great deal of animals from other worlds have immigrated to Anexus just as readily as sentient beings and both have brought flora with them. The seas and their numerous uncharted gates under the water are in particular responsible for a great deal of change in the oceans over the centuries.

    The biodiversity of flora and fauna in the region is intense not only due to the moon gates, but also to the fact that the central region being an isthmus between the east and the west - each side has their own unique biospheres, but here they overlap and become further mutated by the magics of the Central Sea. ( LEARN MORE )

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  • The City of Thornmouth
    City - Southern Central Region
    (see below)

    The Penmoor Isles
    Archipelago - The Central Sea

    The central sea surrounding Penmoor is rife with magical life. It is home to a broad range of magical fish and even fiery gulls infused with magic from the volcano, whom nest on the edges of the isles. They are but one of numerous magical plants and animals, even the local microfauna richly infused with magic extending from the volcanic island. The central sea is also home to a varied mermaid population, who rule below while the dragons rule above. They are both considered 'problematic' neighbors by some, as traversing the central sea is impossible as a result and the northern channel on the other side would be an incredible exploratory route.

    Penmoor Keep
    Island - Penmoor Isles, Central Sea

    Where the dragons rule the sea from the center of the continent within the volcanic Mount Penmoor. It is here the dragon kingdom reigns in proudful seclusion, most dragons remaining in the isles and their monarchs rarely ever leaving the volcanic lair they nest within. It is speculated that the relatively young volcano of Mount Penmoor contains a moon gate and was perhaps even formed by its falling.

    The Sundering Sound
    Sea Channel - Western Central Region

    Length: 102 mi (- km), north to south
    A narrow river-strait that acts as a literal border for the Kingdom of Thornmouth. It runs from the central sea southeast to Oberon's Rest where it swerves southwest over a waterfall towards and through the southwestern swamplands. It has a few notable tributaries feeding it freshwater throughout the area, including the Green River running from Mirror Lake in the Mushroom Forest, which forms an estuary where it meets the saltwater coming in from the sea. This area is a major fishing location due to the nature of its brackish waters.

    The Glowing Glades
    Saltwater Swamp - Southwestern Central Region
    In reality only a very small portion of the swamplands reaches into the kingdom. It runs all along the southwestern coast of the central region starting from The Sundering river delta and continues into the west, becoming a vast expanse of wetlands on the other side of the inlet. What swamplands are in the Kingdom of Thornmouth proper are inhabited by trolls (and few have an interest in questioning that claim).

    The Sleeping Mountains
    Mountain Range - Northwestern Thornmouth

    A mountain range known for the snow capped Mount Arakho and the valley below that sees dry snow for parts of the year. A small village is placed nearby. It is the only area in the kingdom that sees winters with proper snow, whereas it's mostly wet and rainy across the rest of the isthmus during the season. This isn't including the city of Thornmouth, which sees snowfall of its own for more supernatural reasons.

    The Northern Wastes
    Grasslands - Northern Central Region
    A stretch of territory largely unsettled save for individual dwellings. It is well known for its ruins and revitalizing hot springs, but is just as equally known for its vagabonds, bandits, dangerous old mineshafts, and bold dragons testing boundaries. This is where an outpost known as Dracowatch can be found. The soldiers here do not often have much to do, but they hope if the time comes for action they're prepared.

    The Black Sands
    Beach - Northern Central Region
    A beach running along the southern edge of the central sea, a coastline that marks the northern borders of the Kingdom of Thornmouth. It is known for its distinctive black sands and a high likelihood of sunbathing dragons, whom appear to use the location as something of an outpost; there are many abandoned ruins around from those who have foolishly tried to settle the area.

    Shipwreck Valley
    Valley - Northeastern Central Region
    A mountainous river valley northeast of Thornmouth, known for a pair of moon gates (the crowns of Mount Argorum and Mount Maelenri) that have filled the vale below with numerous shipwrecks over the centuries. These gates move all over the mountains, but both are connected to large bodies of water on the other side. This valley is a hot spot for looting of all kinds due to the wreckage, but treasure hunters will find dangerous competition in the form of dragons known for calling first dibs.

    Raakshason Steppe
    Subtropical Steppe - Eastern Central Region
    The semi-arid plains that mark the eastern border of the kingdom before The Nameless Desert.

    Crystal Town
    Town - Northeastern Central Region
    A mining settlement near crystal caverns that the city depends on for its currency production. It can be found at the base of a mountain pass just outside Shipwreck Valley.

    Kara's Vale
    Town - Northeastern Central Region
    An ever-growing village in the mountains near Crystal Town, which deals with trading merchants along one of the more popular trading routes and open to all. Usually closed at night for the protection of its residents, it's been altered to better house various merchants and visitors before they move on. As an addition, it's considered a Sanctuary to anyone who wants to avoid certain risks of Highwaymen or discrimination.

    The City of Gadena
    City - Southeastern Central Region
    A city that was once the most western placed settlement of the eastern kingdoms, it is now part of the Kingdom of Thornmouth and only the second largest settlement in the region.

    Starfall Lake
    Impact Crater Lake - Southeastern Central Region

    Shifter Village

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    The City of Thornmouth

    ๐˜’๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜จ ๐˜Ž๐˜ข๐˜ญ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฏ - 56, ๐˜ฉ๐˜ถ๐˜ฎ๐˜ข๐˜ฏ โ€ข ๐˜˜๐˜ถ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฏ ๐˜Œ๐˜ช๐˜ญ๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฏ - 78, ๐˜ง๐˜ข๐˜ฆ
    ๐˜Š๐˜ณ๐˜ฐ๐˜ธ๐˜ฏ ๐˜—๐˜ณ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ค๐˜ฆ ๐˜‘๐˜ถ๐˜ด๐˜ต๐˜ถ๐˜ด - 25, ๐˜ฉ๐˜ข๐˜ญ๐˜ง-๐˜ง๐˜ข๐˜ฆ
    ๐˜—๐˜ณ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ค๐˜ฆ ๐˜Œ๐˜ญ๐˜ญ๐˜ช๐˜ด - 19, ๐˜ฉ๐˜ข๐˜ญ๐˜ง-๐˜ง๐˜ข๐˜ฆ โ€ข ๐˜—๐˜ณ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ค๐˜ฆ ๐˜๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ๐˜ณ๐˜ช๐˜ญ - 13, ๐˜ฉ๐˜ข๐˜ญ๐˜ง-๐˜ง๐˜ข๐˜ฆ โ€ข ๐˜—๐˜ณ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ค๐˜ฆ๐˜ด๐˜ด ๐˜Œ๐˜ฏ๐˜บ๐˜ข - 12, ๐˜ฉ๐˜ข๐˜ญ๐˜ง-๐˜ง๐˜ข๐˜ฆ

    Population: 20,000 (approximately)

    The population is primarily mundane with humans making up the majority, followed by smaller numbers of half-fae, dwarves, orc, and then everyone 'else'. While there are very small numbers of representation in the 'other' group that makes up the collective minorities (with many individuals being the only example of their kind), the large size of this 'other' grouping due to visitation and immigration from other worlds bolsters the sampling size of magical population overall significantly.

    Law & Order
    Economy and Culture
    Factions and Guilds
    Holidays and Ceremonies
    Histories and Legends

    Thornmouth is named after the sacred grove of thorn trees that were cut down on site two centuries ago to make way for an outpost, one of many transgressions that increased hostilities in a war between the east and the west. The city was initially built as a fortress by the human kingdoms as they expanded their empire into the isthmus, considered the stronghold that held back the 'onslaught' of the west. The port itself once housed many more military vessels but after two hundred years of truce, military influence has relaxed significantly. It has exploded in population and size since.

    It is now a mega port city and the capital of an independent young kingdom, boasting a diverse multicultural population due to its proximity to a major moon gate (Gate of Aetheros) and to the western border. As a result of its history as well as its positioning upon the continent, Thornmouth is the most tolerant cities in Hy-Brazir and one of the most culturally enriched. It is a city rich with greenery and colorful architecture cresting the hills above the bay, sprawling districts showcasing long stretches of canal reflecting countless staircases and numerous towers.

  • LA9ORs3.png

    Locations - Inner City

    These are just some of the places your character can go! It's important to remember that the dream map is representative and in no way indicative of the size nor scale of the city. What generic businesses and homes you see are free for use by all as any setting location required. There are hundreds of businesses and thousands of people going about their business at any given time of the day!

    [ Locations ]

    Gryphon's Grin
    The slum district is one of the first places a traveler will see coming through the western gate. It is where the lower class live and is the wall between the city and the forest, buildings often having to fight with the fast-growing plants of the forest. Many of these buildings are in disrepair, sporting cracked plaster and out of control ivy. The streets themselves are cracked and dirty, homeless men, women and children alike found sitting on sidewalks pleading for coin. It's also a good place to get your pocket picked or worse, but there's also a beating heart at the center of its community. It hosts its own small market square among the businesses.

    The slums are home to a few apartment buildings. These vary in size depending on how much money you have but they're all on the smaller side. They range from very cramped to less cramped, often furnished with damaged old furniture and struggling with insect infestation on the regular. If you can afford it, there are small homes for sale in the slums. Some are larger buildings split into upstairs and downstairs apartments. There's enough room for a family with several children, as long as you compromise on having any personal space.

    South Beach
    South Beach is the smaller beach within the city and leads down from Gryphon's Grin. It's a very community oriented location, often hosting small cookout events with the locals. From here you can see the jutting cliffs and edges of the glowing glades all the way to the west.

    The Stables
    Thornmouth's stables are situated just outside the city and provide around the clock care for the steeds boarded there. It costs a daily fee to keep your animal here, so it's often better to find elsewhere if you're here in the long run. The stable hands here are used to more 'out of the ordinary' mounts, as well as plain old horses.

    The Market District

    Thornmouth Plaza
    In the heart of the market district is the public square - this where one can find vital service buildings (including many of the local guilds), the local notice boards, and the coliseum. It is also where many public events are held, such as performances by bards, puppeteers, theatrical troupes, and other entertainers.

    Thornmouth Museum
    The museum and library are connected buildings that loom regally over the plaza as its centerpiece. A great deal of Thornmouth's culture and history are stored and preserved here, in both written and physical form; grand statues depicting battles between fae and the mundane population stand in a grand hall and display cases showcase jewelry from various races, artifacts from soldiers felled in the war and the fangs of ancient dragons laying neatly in lines upon crushed velvet. The library itself is a treasure trove of knowledge and history, though some books are kept behind locked doors.

    Thornmouth Academy
    The Academy is a tall and grand building framed by white marble pillars. It's a place for education that sometimes shares it's classes with the Steeplestone Academy campus (outside the city), at least where magic is involved. The academy teaches all ages, from infants to adults depending on the courses being sought out. It's large and provides many jobs for those who wish to teach.

    The Coliseum
    The coliseum is the heart of entertainment in the city. It's a towering building of white, polished stone framed by constantly lit beacons. It provides a range of venues such as; theatrical performances, music, chariot racing, well regulated fights, comedy, competitions and even auctions. The more money you pay the better your seats, there are exclusive booths overlooking the entertainment and then tiered seats for everyone else. On site you can find multiple bars for purchasing drinks during intervals.

    The Bathhouse
    The bathhouse is where citizens can go to bathe! The building is supplied with water by the aqueduct system and has fully functioning plumbing (including warm water tanks). The bath itself is open every hour of every day, though it is better monitored during the daylight hours. It gets visits from workers to replenish soaps and towels and is funded by the royal family. The main pools are lukewarm, though there are smaller rooms to the side that have a hot pool and a cold pool for opening and closing the pores. The bathhouse itself has a bar that opens during the afternoon and then later at night, also supplying hookah for those who are looking to relax. There are both communal and gender-separated pools.

    Apricus Gardens
    Where the middle class live in a well-patrolled district, a bright and colorful neighborhood filled with lush gardens and ornamental trees. Apricus Park is located there, connecting the sprawling market and the main housing district of the city. The local horticulturists are very proud of the magnificent gardens they maintain! There are fine apartments here for those who want to live in the relative safety and beauty of Apricus Gardens but cannot yet afford a property. The rent here is high and the apartments are spacious. All is within reach of Apricus Park and the Plaza just a short distance beyond that.

    Apricus Park
    The Apricus Gardens are the height of Thornmouth's beauty; the middle class district is decorated by lush gardens and ornamental trees and includes an expansive park, kept daily by numerous gardeners. It's surrounded by beautiful cafes and restaurants, sitting almost perfectly central to the rest of the city while connecting the marketplace and housing districts. Couples can often be seen sharing romantic picnics here; dog walkers, nature lovers and playing children are also a common sight. At night the park is lit with beautiful street lamps that cast a romantic glow upon the white stone gazebos hidden from the rest of the world by walls of greenery.

    The Crescent District
    The Crescent, where the upper class live in their own estates cresting the hills.

    Castle Concord
    The castle of the capital city where the royal family and a large portion of nobility live. It was one of the first major buildings established after the signing of the treaty and the port town rapidly consumed the area around it to become the mega city it is today. It is a castle of respectable age at two hundred years, but far from the oldest in the area - the ruins of ancient castles can be found scattered across the isthmus. The castle prominently features a royal grove of thorn trees, planted from seeds preserved by the fae before the destruction of the original sacred grove.

    The Barracks
    The city barracks sit at the bottom of the hill that leads up to The Crescent where the upper class and nobles live, but also on the corner of the road leading out of The Gryphon's Grin. It has great canal and road access to the rest of the city. Some guards live here and others live in homes nearby. There are training areas around the side and the back of the building that are often in use. Captain's have offices here as do investigative units.

    North Beach
    North Beach is the longest beach attached to Thornmouth City on the eastern side, also fondly referred to as 'Long Beach'. It stretches up behind the cliffs near the castle and then all the way back down towards the southern docks. It's well loved and well used, providing pristine waters and broad amounts of space for beach activities. Holiday goers from the East can sometimes be found on this beach, but many avoid Thornmouth due to the more magical citizens that live here.

    The Docks
    The docks of Thornmouth are bustling with life. It sees the ins and outs of tourist, trades people and on the rare occasion immigrants. Dock workers of all shapes and sizes, who often live on the docks themselves, can often be seen walking up and down carrying crates, kegs or even caged livestock. To the north end of the docks is the trade and immigration office that handles the daily movements of ships and boats. The docks also boast a floating market, often giving citizens a reason to come over to the harbor itself.

    The southern end of the docks have a host of worker housing. The housing is cheap and provided at a very low price to permanent dock workers only, however the building's are often buffeted and damaged by the sea air. Their roofs and walls are in disrepair, meaning that it can get cold and damp inside, however they are extremely affordable.

    The Floating Market
    Along the northern side of the docks is the floating market. Numerous Pontoons are set up with fascinating goods ranging from trinkets to bright fruits from other regions of Hy-Brazir. Rare imported cheeses and meats, wines, candies and even jewelry can be found here. The most popular pontoons are those selling cooked street food, especially those bringing delicacies from other regions of the world. The smell of sizzling food often fills the air here.

    The Sewer
    A sodden world hiding underneath the streets of Thornmouth. While the sewers are large enough to be โ€˜exploredโ€™ as a location under the city, the labyrinth of stone tunnels and clay pipes are very cramped, poorly lit, and extremely dangerous. A larger individual will find trying to traverse the winding tunnels very unpleasant and in some cases impossible. A lot of strange fungi and creatures of concerning diet can be found here.

  • JB9j1mH.png

    Locations - Surrounding Area

    The Mushroom Forest
    Magical Forest - Western Thornmouth

    The dimly lit expanse of forest that takes up almost the entirety of the kingdom west of the city (and continues on past the sundering). It is filled with an abundance of bioluminescent mushrooms and transitions unnaturally from deciduous and evergreen trees to temperate forests as one travels westward. The forest becomes increasingly filled with mysterious fungi and dangerous beasts as one travels southwest towards the swamplands. There are caves hidden amongst the thick foliage, many of which are lit strangely by mushrooms and crystals alike. Look out for strange animals when exploring these, as you might bite off more than you can chew.

    The Forest District
    Forest District - Western Thornmouth

    A decent number of the city populace do not live in the city proper, but outside its safety in the neighboring region of the forest directly west. It's technically a district of the city and under its jurisdiction, but one on the outskirts that functions as its own town. These people play an important role in constantly fighting back the persistent growth of the forest (which seems to want to grow across the central region now that the thorns are gone).

    Sunset Sanctum
    Southern Thornmouth

    In the transitional area between farmland and wastes north of Thornmouth, one can find a sanctum built from the remains of an old castle tower spiraling deep into the earth, an inn of sorts for supernaturals troubled by problems beyond their control. It is a place where the โ€˜afflictedโ€™ such as vampires and therianthrope can surrender themselves during bad nights for voluntary lockdown.

    Faewatch Barracks
    Western Thornmouth

    The Faewatch are an elite guard that watch the forest and the moon gate (Gate of Aetheros) to ensure the safety of Thornmouth's citizens. They ensure the seelie from the fae kingdom don't cause problems or overstep their bounds. They often clash harmlessly with the fae Court Guard at the border, but both factions have a similar job. The barracks sit protectively behind the forest housing district, ready to defend it's more exposed citizens at a moments notice. The patrols this elite faction of the guard perform are day and night.

    Mirror Lake
    Freshwater Lake - Northern Mushroom Forest

    A freshwater lake in the forests north of the academy that feeds The Sundering freshwater via the Green River. Where they meet west of the academy forms an estuary known for being a prime fishing spot.

    Oberonโ€™s Rest C2wcMbU.png
    Landmark - Western Thornmouth

    A vital landmark marking the edge of the forest district where a king of fae fell in the war. It is known for its magnificent tree rising up from the waters at the base of the Sundering Falls where the river turns southwest, a burial marker and eternal reminder of the war grown around the body of the deceased fae lord. These fae resting places are called 'Cad'lactha' meaning 'burial mast'. This is the preferred method of burial for most non-elven fae, but few burial groves can claim to showcase a tree such as this. A waterfall to the west feeds the clear pool of water that surrounds the tree. To the north the crumbled ruins of stone steps lead towards Steeplestone Academy. To the south the path grows thick with fog, leading towards the glowing glades.

    Magic Academy - Central Thornmouth

    A rocky hill upon which the Steeplestone Academy sits, a school for mages built upon the ruins of the old cathedral and courtyard. It can be found just northeast of Oberon's Rest. The crypts below are often frequented by students of the school, despite the rumor of them being quite haunted.

    The Bridge of Morel
    Gate of Aetheros - Western Central Region

    A major moon gate just west of Oberonโ€™s Rest on the other side of the The Sundering, known for being an active portal that brings travelers to Anexus from all over the multiverse. While technically on the western side of the land bridge, agreements have been made with both seelie and unseelie guards that see newcomers guided in the right direction.

    Oberon's Crossing
    Bridge - Southern Sundering

    A great many travelers are escorted by the fae over this long bridge following their travels through The Bridge of Morel. It is well watched by factions on both sides as the main route of travel in and out of the kingdom west; by day on the western side the seelie fae march its perimeters or hide in the trees and watch and by night the unseelie fae do the same. Their job is to ensure that no unsolicited fae creatures head east towards Thornmouth, but also that no citizens pass their border and head west unless for some reason they have authorization and papers to do so. Faewatch and the Courtguard tend to clash harmlessly from time to time, but they're both working for the same goal.

    The Ingress
    Landmark - Northwestern Central Region

    The name given by the fae for the portion of forest far northwest devastated during the time before peace. While the forest never seems to cease growing and aggressively touching upon the borders of Thornmouth, this area remains dead as thought the soil has been poisoned. There is no magic that will work there (despite the greenest mages having tried). It is a ghost town consisting of the remains of a long abandoned logging settlement and dried, desperate vegetation. It is avoided for two major reasons: one being its location on the 'wrong' side of the river where one might be confronted by unseelie and the second being rumors of the dead guarding what is left of the lumber mill. There was a major bridge here once that marked the only crossing of The Sundering before Oberon's Rest was built, but it was destroyed long ago in the war.

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