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  • If you're looking for the IC laws, you can find them here!

    Discord Assistance

    • The Discord features a broad assortment of location channels intended for roleplay: as it can be quite easy to 'lose' a scene in the mix, the group utilizes activity markers in the form of colored circles or dots. A 🟢Green Dot for open roleplay (feel free to join) and an 🟠Orange Dot for rooms that are active, but the scenes are closed. We ask that you use threads for closed roleplays in already active rooms or alternatively, ask for a new channel to be made for you under Misc. Roleplays! When opening or closing a RP don't be shy about tagging council in #server-requests to have the status changed. We only ask that all players involved be in agreement that a scene is concluded before having a channel reopened.
    • We make use of a bot called Tupperbox in our server for an enhanced roleplay experience. It's completely optional, but if you want to make your character their own profile to post with, you can find all the commands here! There is also a pinned post in #bot-spam, where the Tuppers are made.
    • The #bot-spam channel is for making Tuppers and rolling dice!
    • We also have optional pronoun tags available, feel free to ask for them to be applied to you in #server-requests! You'll also find other roles you can request being added to for pings, like Movie Nights.
  • Setting and Community Rules

    Social Guidelines (OOC)

    1. BE CONSIDERATE, BE RESPECTFUL, BE KIND. We’re here to enjoy a creative pastime with friends, please behave accordingly and show consideration to your fellow players as much as possible. We all slip up sometimes, but it's important to communicate with one other as clearly as we can. If you have any issues, please come to a member of the council with them! There is no tolerance for bigotry or harassment of any kind. This includes bullying. If you feel someone is continually harassing you in order to get a response, please contact a member of staff. We also ask you do your best to refrain from the urge to seethe or gossip about other roleplayers or roleplay situations, even if they're in the past and/or other settings. In general refrain from sharing harsh criticism on contentious issues that could harm those around you, such as religious beliefs, the pricing or styles of artists, or dunking on personal interests.
    2. Keep IC and OOC Separate. When you put so much hard work into a character, it's often possible for IC and OOC to start blending. We ask that you try to keep them separate. No harassment of players for their IC actions, or OOC dialogue/opinions in post format, please!
    3. Artists and Solicitation. Repeated solicitation is not permitted in our dream, on our forums or Discord server. Artists may post a single advertisement thread on our forums and update that. On Discord, artists may not approach specific members with solicitation attempts and all advertisements must remain on the #advertisement channel. No server-wide tagging on the #advertisement channel please!

    Roleplay Guidelines (IC)

    Thornmouth is a Strict RP setting and players are expected to do their best to adhere to the lore. If you need help or have any questions our DM team is always standing by!

    1. Use Your Resources. If you need a guard, shop owner, or other NPC to respond to a scene, please contact staff to see if someone is around to GM for you first.
    2. Respect the Setting. We ask you try to avoid imposing any notable changes or large scale consequences to the setting without permission first; while player characters are allowed to influence their environment, anything that would be lasting or significant is best run by a GM first.
    3. Act within the Furcadia TOS. That means no themes of r***, pedophilia, or age play. Underage characters must not be placed in overtly violent or sexually suggestive situations.
    4. Keep it Private. Any sexually explicit content must be taken to private spaces where both players and characters are eighteen years of age or older.
    5. Get RP Consent. It’s a good idea to ask for permission to introduce any scenario that would substantially affect a character in some way. While everyone has their personal preferences in regard to consent, make sure you’re on the same page with your RP partners on whether or not they're ok with the things you're suggesting: e.g. a skip in time, the chance of a moderate or severe wound, potential death, etc. It should go without saying that 'godmoding' and abusive metagaming are considered disruptive and against the rules.
    6. Don’t be afraid to communicate! There are always going to be times when a player runs into a situation they’re not sure how to handle and would rather negotiate an alternative outcome for. We all have our own respective roleplay styles, interests, and plans, which may not always line up with what someone else wants. That’s okay! A little communication goes a long way. It’s always okay to reach out and ask if a scene can be adjusted to better suit player needs - other players or your GM!
    7. Remember that IC Actions = IC Consequences. While we do not want to ever see players punished for having fun, please understand that maintaining consistency and fairness is important too! While consequences between characters can be discussed between the players as it suits all parties, any consequences between characters and setting are a little less accommodating. If you want to play a character that actively defies the laws of the kingdom, be prepared to have them face realistic consequences if caught. These consequences range from fines and jail time to serious injury or prison sentences that could restrict a character from roleplay indefinitely. In response to the most egregious of crimes there could be in-character banishment or even execution. While creative narrative solutions to out-of-character logistical problems are always encouraged, attempting to avoid or ignore realistic consequences entirely is not.
  • Limitations and Allowances

    No character sheets required.

    No dice required (players are free to agree to use whatever system suits them).

    However, one does need to join this group with any characters they want to be citizens or (legal) merchants. It is not necessary for visitors, but a citizenship is required for any individual who wants to own property, run a business, engage in politics, etc. A visiting merchant must have a license from the city. In short, any character that would be more 'long term' or localized needs to be in the listing.

    There are few restrictions on the type of character you can play and no need for approval when it comes to their status in life: whatever aspects help you present your character are a given, such as being filthy rich, owning land, being a local with an established reputation, etc. What exceptions exist are listed below and include local royalty (they are accounted for), absolute deities (e.g. 'the god of time'), etc.

    What we ask you not have (without permission) is anything that imposes too much on the setting: characters part of the local government or monarchy (granted with approval), full blown deities (lesser spirits or demigods are fine), concepts that make real-world belief systems absolute (e.g. actual Biblical angels), etc. We otherwise welcome characters that might be considered 'overpowered' as long as they're played responsibly and designed that way for narrative potential rather than domination over other players and characters. This is not a setting concerned about mechanical balance: story driven cooperation comes first, please be on the same page with your fellow players at all times!

    While many settings restrict the age of characters you can play, here children are most welcome as both player characters and NPC. We just ask you keep any underage characters out of any sexual, overtly violent, or other inappropriate scenarios! It's all right if traumatic elements are a part of their background.

    Thornmouth has been built from the ground up: while many races are based on those from conventional fantasy, they should be assumed to subvert some expectations and are not intended to be transplants from other media. Where possible avoid references to any established canons outside of other roleplay settings, personally developed worlds, and/or those that have their concepts open for use (e.g. races under an OGL or Creative Commons license, like those from Forgotten Realms).