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Posted by Sanne December 3rd 2022, 3:28pm
Welcome to all the new joins and thank you for being here! :) I'm so excited to have you all here and work together on more amazing creative styles.

If anyone is interested in having a custom member title, please let me know! We won't be using them for anything specific so they're just fun titles to have on the forums. :D Just send me a DM if you want one added, edited, or removed, it's no bother at all. All I ask is that they're PG-13 friendly.

Most of the group pages are nearly done. My plan for the rest of the weekend and early next week is to design a basic style that other people can copy and customize to their own specific needs alongside a tutorial (with a downloadable PSD/GIMP file to poke at). It will also include adding column and mobile support. Hopefully having a basic style to work with in this way will make it easier for newbies to dive into the world of CSS coding and help create an understanding of mobile responsive code!

On that note, I am 100% open and interested in hearing from you if you have any feedback on the group currently. Is there content you feel is missing? Did I phrase something in a way that left you just as confused as when you started reading? Is there an accessibility option or alternative you'd like to see included? Let me know please! My knowledge isn't as expansive as I'd like it to be and I will continue to pursue education and share it, but I also know first-hand thoughts from people who benefit from specific accessibility features are always superior.

I'm also very interested to know what everyone is working on at the moment! We have a forum to share WIPs and a forum to showcase finished styles, so if you feel up to sharing please do!

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