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(Psst, this is my VR art website! Please drop me a visit if you want!)


Gifts I've received!
Thank you Bluebeldy for this lovely birthday gift!!

Thank you Five for this wonderful random Hero Forge sculpture of me!

Hi there! My name is Sanne.

🔊 Pronunciation
This is my real life name, I really appreciate it when people make an effort to pronounce it right. I know it's hard and it's alright if you struggle with it, but it means the world to me when people remember it doesn't sound like 'sane' at the very least. Thank you so much for trying!

I'm a Dutch catmom of two and have been on the RPR since 2010. :) I consider it a home away from home, and it's one of the best (if not THE best) communities on the internet as far as I'm concerned! My inbox is always open for a friendly message, offers for constructive feedback, RP requests and general questions.

About me

My likes include knitting, gaming, makeup, rainbows (shoutout to all the holosexuals out there!), roleplaying and cats. I'm a certified webdeveloper and programmer and work on various projects throughout the week. Once upon a time I used to draw often, but now I only occasionally dabble in creating illustrations. I use she/her pronouns, am pansexual, and a polyglot. This is my sense of humor. :D I'm a legitimate cyborg, technology has replaced one of my organs.

I do my utmost best to keep my inbox organized and respond to all messages as soon as I can. I try to respond within a day or two at the latest, but if you suspect I might have missed your message or forgotten to respond to it after reading, please send me a quick heads up? It helps me out so much! Don't worry, if it's been a couple of days it's more than okay to remind me. :)

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I'm an insulin dependent diabetic, disabled, childfree and surgically sterilized, and diagnosed with ADHD treated with medication. I'm pretty open about these things so you're welcome to message me with questions, or hit me up if you want to connect over any of these. They're pretty big parts of my life and I'm happy to make new friends who share experiences or are interested in learning. :)

While I'm fluent in multiple languages, I only speak and write English on the RPR. Thanks for understanding!

RPR Styles
I create styles for the RPR, official ones, free ones, and pay to use ones. Please check out my portfolio if you're interested!

On the RP Repository
My inbox is always open for questions or requests for assistance, so please feel free to ask me anything! I'm very happy to be on the moderation team and promise I will always do my best to keep RPR a happy and healthy place to be. :) Let me know if there's anything I can help with!

These are the active groups that I currently run on the site:
  • grico-3943-1669741850.png Accessible Styles - a group dedicated to creating accessible styles on the RPR
  • grico-5350-1674418376.png The Easel - a group for artists to show their work and share tips and tricks

Rave Reviews

Although I have not role played with her. I admire her concise well thought answers to forum questions. Along with being a exceptional leader of the group she leads. She is such a beautiful beloved presence in this community and we are blessed to have her with us. She's quite the inspirational woman to me by all she does in this community. - LakotaSiouxWarrior
Her knitting is something else, and she's friendly, awesome, and super helpful! - Dragoncat

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