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Looking for testers!

Posted by Sanne December 5th 2022, 10:40am
The first part of my style tutorial for newbies is up. I've been adding to it in a bit of a haze this last week and I'd super appreciate another pair of eyes on it to let me know if it's useful!

If you'd like to give it a run through, keep in mind it's not intended to be a detailed, step by step education on CSS specifically. It's supposed to be a simple template with basic explanations to help someone get a basic understanding of which elements are styled for basic effects. I highly encourage people to reference W3Schools on the side.

I welcome any constructive feedback! Once I know this part of the tutorial is solid, I'll expand on it with a mobile responsive guide based on this design. :)

Community Feedback

  1. Sanne

    December 5th 2022


    Also on my to-do list: add alt text to the images!!!!

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