Welcome to Gaia

  • Hey guys, ^^ Welcome to my Roleplay.

    In the world of Gaia thrived 9 civilizations. One became isolated and hidden from the rest. Meanwhile, the other 8 became entangled in warfare. Some countries seek to dominate and reform their neighbors, while others simply wish to be left alone.

    The setting in which the story takes place is Sci-fi Fantasy. To help clear up what this means, the usual fantasy stuff, blacksmiths, magic, knights, vagabonds, nobility, and such. It also includes a technological side-- Magically powered railroads, handheld communication devices, to list a few examples. The Kingdoms from which the characters hail are listed in the World Lore Discussion.

    If you want to join, there is a list of required information for your profile in the application page. As this role play has a setting created by myself with a lot of background details, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Feel free to look around the group. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the questions forum.

    When I am not here, the moderators have permission to flag anything that is totally inaccurate/inappropriate to the setting or what's going on.

    I ask that everyone be respectful of the role play and the role players. I hope everyone enjoys their time here. ^^
  • A Few Rules

    • Be polite to other players. Characters can be mean to characters if it fits their personalities all day long, but players need to at least be polite to each other.
    • Part of being polite is called 'polite posting' which is pacing your posts so that other people have time to respond since everybody has different levels of busy. A good rule of thumb is either waiting for everybody in the interaction group to post or wait for 2-3 people in groups that have 4+ people.
    • Write in third person. Profiles can be done in 1st or 3rd, preferably not 2nd. But all posts must be in third person.
    • Do not start threads without my permission. I have control issues.
    • While romance and violence are allowed and encouraged-- Fade out any smexy scenes, ain't nobody got time for that to play out, and keep gore to a reasonable amount, don't everyone got the stomach for that.
    • Yes, cursing it allowed.
    • No, godmoding is not allowed. And though we do have the power charts, one still cannot auto-land hits or control other people's characters. {Some exceptions do apply, such as NPCs, plot triggered events, or like two friends discuss/trust each other enough to do it.}
    • There was much love and care put into crafting the world and it's lore. If someone wants to add to it, I don't mind ideas being pitched out of character. However, one should not just add things in their posts. It's just respectful to make sure the idea fits for the world. This also helps the rp continue to run smoothly since everyone will be on the same page.
    • Be willing to make changes to a character or post if they do not fit the world. Misunderstandings happen, no big deal, but be willing to work with us to clear them up and fix lore discrepancies.
    • Once a character's background has been approved, major character altering edits cannot be made. Some edits or new ideas can be implemented, but if we feel the edit would change the character into an entirely new one, we recommend making another character. Character development is what the rp is for. ^^
    • For now, we're limiting everyone to 2 characters when you first start. After you've shown you can juggle both your characters, you may begin to create more. The Max amount of characters anyone will be allowed is 10.
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  • Group Announcements

    New Obrizusian Power!

    Posted By Sysanet on Nov 22nd 2018

    Hey guys, just added in an Obrizusian Power called Additional Appendages/Alternative Appendages. Feel free to check it out. ^^


    A few updates. ^^

    Posted By Sysanet on Nov 12th 2018

    First, some new powers!

    There's a new power section for those from Medius.
    Fulgur has a new power called, 'Electro Weapons'
    Unda has a new power called, 'Aqua Armaments'

    Obrizus will be getting a new power for alternative or extra appendages. ^^


    Yoh, the rp officially opened for posting...


    Taking mods

    Posted By Sysanet on Jun 8th 2018

    Due to some real life complications for me & several admins, I have decided to recruit active mods!

    Requirements: Have a friendly disposition and be willing to interact with players.
    How many? 1 for each thread/nation.
    Be willing to post an activity check for your thread every Monday or Tuesday....


    Since I'll be busy

    Posted By Sysanet on Jan 29th 2018

    Since I'll be busy this week, I wanted to give you guys something to think/chat about while I'm away.

    Known only to a few, there is in fact an over-arcing plot that will come into effect later on. Hidden within the world lore are some hints about the true origins of the people of Gaia.

    Can anyone find those hints?


    Moving the Clock forward

    Posted By Sysanet on Jan 2nd 2018

    Hey guys!

    So, in about an hour I will be moving the rp clock forward about an hour. This is NOT the same as a time skip. This just means I'm updating the rp calender to better reflect the time that has passed through people's posting.

    We wouldn't want everyone stuck at 8 in the morning forever, would we?