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My name's Luke. I love to write! I write stories a lot. New to this rp stuff. But I get it. It's like writing a story. I'm a nice person and easy to get to know. Please look at some of my characters! If you would like to rp with one let me know. Yes I use a lot of wolf pictures because I love wolves so much. They are my favorite animal.

I'm into yugioh, paranormal stuff, "supernatural" TV show, favorite character from marvel is "Thor", favorite character from D.C is "Superman", also like WWE. Favorite color is green. I am working on a book called "Wolform"! It's my favorite book so far that I'm working on! I also like Pokémon. My favorite is Pikachu. I like doing vampire rp's and just about anything except anything sexual. I am also editing and working on my characters to help make them better for me and for you! Also everyone, this is a little personal thing about myself but i am pansexual. Just wanted to put that there and give you an idea of why i used both male and female characters.

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WolfZone92 is an awesome role player 🙂 - GalaxyStar
This guy is an amazing role player,every time we role play I can visualize what the characters are saying and doing - GalaxyStar2

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