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    We are an African Feral Role playing dream based in Allegria Island on the MMO Furcadia.

    Originally 'Tsavo National Park' back in 2008, Outlands has come a long way in the past 10 years. We are proud of everything we have achieved and we hope that with a strong and every growing community, we can continue to do so much more!

    If you would like to learn more about the roleplay and contents within the dream, please browse the links above.

    Outlands is a semi-realistic roleplaying dream, meaning we have specific rules that must be followed when entering the In Character area. Please make sure you are familiar with them before leaving the Out Of Character zone as you could interrupt somebody elses immersion.

    If you have any questions that the site cannot answer, please do not hesitate to whisper dream Rah, Outlands or head staff member, Leader. We are friendly and are happy to answer. Outlands is also available through RPR messages.

    You can also find us on Discord and via our Furcadia Dream Group

    You can find the dream in it's temporary free location, just outside the NAIA Portal in AI.


    Please note that in order to see the Outlands Forums, you must join the group as one of your individual RPR characters and wait for approval. While using the forums, these rules still apply.

    Staff List:



    General Staff
    (Here to assist you with general dream happenings, watch fight rp and ensure things are running smoothly.)

    Art Staff
    (Creative help that have graciously given their time to help the dream.)
  • Group Announcements

    We're back!

    Posted By Outlands on Jul 2nd 2022

    After a long hiatus, Outlands is finally back open within Furcadia for roleplay! The dream will remain up for the foreseeable!



    Big Changes!

    Posted By Outlands on Jul 22nd 2019

    Hello all! You may have noticed that myself and Leader have been relatively quiet these past few months. Due to starting my new job, I've had a lot of commitment to work hours and Leader has been equally busy with life events. However! With a tentative opening around August, we will be proud to be...


    Mind the mess!

    Posted By Outlands on Feb 3rd 2019


    Over the next few months, Outlands will be going into it's 8.0 update.

    This will mean:

    Brand new bespoke patches. Staff have found an artist willing to work with us in creating a newer, better, faster and stronger Outlands.

    A new map. Yes, we're going to be scaling...


    Formation of Otlands RPR Group

    Posted By Outlands on Dec 23rd 2018

    We're finally here! A fully functioning group with a refreshed set of rules that should now read MUCH better.

    Welcome one and all!