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    Welcome to The Cosmos, a sci-fi Furcadian dream full of action, mystery, and intrigue.

    ⮑Friendly Community⮑Rich 32-Bit Areas⮑RP List Finder⮑Interactive Map⠀⠀⠀
    Traversing through our diverse player-driven universe gives you the limits of the stars themselves.

    Whether a bold space-farer investigating the mysteries of The Cosmos, an imposing ⠀⠀starship pirate commanding an alien crew, or a cybernetics merchant just trying ⠀⠀to make a living, the galaxy is at your fingertips in this rich RP social dream.

    Have a preexisting RP character you'd like to play? No problem- little to no adaptations are needed.

    RP with us today!

    If you need help, we are friendly! Feel free to ask around the OOC area or whisper our staff!
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  • Credits:

    |Rah / Dream Owner|

    |DS, Dream Design, Patches|

    |Original Lore|


    And, of course, our wonderful community!

    |Epic RPR Donors|
    Aveilthe⠀⠀Catastrophie⠀⠀James Rigby

    |Idea Donors*|
    Embolist⠀⠀Joyius ⠀⠀Rigby⠀⠀Libertine⠀⠀Rums⠀⠀Pruliti⠀⠀Rook⠀⠀Lune
  • Group Announcements

    New Race + Staff

    Posted By Julio on Jul 5th 2019

    Hello everyone and good day! I hope you're all doing well, and that you've all had a grand 4th of July celebrations!

    I'm happy to announce that along with many of the dream-related updates there will be a new race added to the mix.

    Before that, though, let's all give a huge ILY to Rigby for bein'...


    Cosmos 1st Birthday: Recap!

    Posted By jamerson on Jan 18th 2019

    What a great party! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who made it out!!

    We made some announcements:
    • First on the list, Vanix will be taking over as the Dream Owner / Rah of the Cosmos! YAY! Send them a whisper with your love and support!!
    • You might be wondering why: I (James) worked on this dream last...


    The Cosmos Bar is here!

    Posted By jamerson on Oct 15th 2018

    Thank you!

    Posted By jamerson on Jul 5th 2018

    Heroes (?) of the Bermuda Galaxy

    Posted By jamerson on Jun 18th 2018

    AQ0Y4Tj.pngAveilthe made a cute play featuring random characters from the Cosmos!


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