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    Hello and welcome to the Pantharies site. The Pantharies were created in March of 2016 and have since been added to and customized with care by their creator Kirasha. A new page has been made to reflect some of those changes, with story lines and additions to culture. It has been a labor and one of great pride and love.

    The Pantharies are a celestial body worshiping species that have the characteristics of cats, rams, and manticore. They are a sorcerer race, meaning they are born with the innate ability to use magic and learn more. They are religious and firm in their beliefs. The mythology of their people is old and hardly anyone knows the real truth of their origins.

    Pantharies come from an island continent called Tharia. In recent years, the last five hundred or so, Tharia and its people were plagued with illness and famine, but now that time has passed and it is time to rebuild. An uprising against the Divinity stirred, but it was quelled with brute force of the Pantharies royalty, many of the rebellion forced to resume their lives before the uprising, some executed, and others banished from Tharia's shores. Within and outside of Tharia, Pantharies' stories take place.

    More details about all these things can be found further into the RPR. I welcome you to read on and if you are interested, please contact Kirasha about how you can join the story or to make a Pantharies away from the fray.

    July 2019, Devilry became co-owner of the Pantharies and creator of the Hellion sub-species.

    Currently, approved female applications will have a fee of $15 to claim the slot,
    males are still free upon approval due to lack of representations.
  • Guidelines

    In character drama is far different than out of character drama. OOC drama of any kind is not tolerated. I have asked people to leave the species before because of it. In this instance, the design will not be bought back and you will simply be asked to retire the design. You will have no rights to claiming it as a pantharies. If you have issue with another player, please be an adult about it. State who it is and we can work around it or work through it. I prefer that people are up front about this rather than beating around the bush. It's not only annoying, but can cause issues for other players. Be adult and be civil and it will be fine.

    Say you have lost your muse in your character. That happens, I can understand. You can resell the character under the conditions that I may approve the person buying it.

    Most roleplay happens in our Discord or in the Furcadia dream The Golden Tether. It is low tech and fantasy continuity for both and you are subject to Furcadia TOS and TGT rules when playing there. There will be a Pantharies dream in the works shortly.