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  • Welcome to UA, where your epic beginnings as a hero will unfold
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    Welcome to UA High, future heroes! After surviving our rigorous entrance exams, you now have the full opportunity to explore how your abilities can save lives. Here at UA, we belive in cultivation of mind and body to prepare one for the outside world, and ensure you can handle the pressures that come with being a hero. It is a desired profession by many, but only few are truly capable. You are our hope, and our future. So, be prepared to go beyond, Plus Ultra style!


    This group is based around the anime My Hero Academia, where 80% of the population have developed some kind of superhuman ability - known as a quirk. About 20% of the population, however, is quirkless. This means they have no ability, and live out relatively normal lives. In this society, due to the development of quirks, a rise in supervillians has also occurred...resulting in ‘hero’ being an actual paying job. Not just anyone can become a hero, though. No, they need the proper education first, and while many schools exist for training future heroes, UA High has a reputation for being the best of the best.

    This group won’t actually focus on any of the canon, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own OC (original character) and live out your own life at UA. This means no canon characters will be interacted with...but of course everyone has knowledge of All Might and other heroes.

    Timeline-wise, this roleplay will begin with a new class’ first year at UA, and it will occur before the main class attend. So, essentially Midoriya hasn’t come to UA yet. This means the League of Villians and such isn’t really a thing at this time...but other villanry is on the rise.

    Character Information

    Here, I’m just going to have a Q and A section with some possibly FAQ’s regarding characters.

    How many characters can I play?

    A single user can play up to two separate characters, as long as they can keep up with activity on both. I recommend roleplaying with just one, but if you want to try with two, go for it?

    Can my character be a villain?

    Yes! While of course we have the aspiring heroes going to UA, villains are still on the prowl. If you’d like to play a villain character, or even form a team with other villains to bring chaos and evil to UA, by all means, yes! If you would like to play a villain, though, I’d like to discuss a few things about this first :)

    Can I be related to a canon character, or have the same quirk as a canon character?

    I ask that you please not be related to a canon character, as this is supposed to be a different storyline focusing on your unique characters. As for quirks, I ask that you don't give your OC a canon character's quirk. Feel free to take inspiration from quirks in the series, I don't mind if the quirks follow a similar concept or are rather similar.

    If you have any questions not covered, feel free to PM me or ask in the 'Questions' forum.
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