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Hi I'm scarletwolf but you can call me wolfe or wolfie!
Or bunny since I'm a lazy bunny XD
here are things I do not like so please don't do it.

1. Not telling me if you don't want to rp anymore.
if you have a busy life and you can't roleplay at the moment but will be when your time is free please let me know so I'm not waiting for a response that never will come course if you can't that's alright
2. Don't treat me disrespectfully, If you have a problem with me just don't talk to me
3. I am trying sci-fi!!!!!! Please do not force me into one!

4. Don't randomly block me at least tell me why because if I wanted to roleplay with you and you block me
it hurts a lot and I won't know why. If you wanna block me at least let me know what i did wrong.

Here are the things I do like
I love anime!
Doing romance rp's
playing video games
listening to music
playing with kittens cough cough i'm allergic to them
I love puppies
HAZBIN HOTEL love angel dust and charlie...and radio demon...and oh love them all!

Things about me

I also tend to disappear so when I do, my apologies.
Sometimes I tend to get sick and have slow replies.
if I forget to reply just bump me.
I'm always very what's the word? Distracted?

thank you and have a good life!



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Love rping with scarlet! Such a sweet person. Her characters are all so charming, and live in such charming little worlds!~ You should definitely give her a try. Kind and understanding Concise posts - FandomsForDays
Amazing rp partner, very detailed and they are fun to talk to in ooc chat. I love their responses,despite sometimes the replies coming in a bit slow,they are very detailed. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - JetFire

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