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Hi I'm scarletwolf but you can call me wolfe!
here are things I do not like so please don't do it.

Hey I'm gonna be off and on for awhile

1. Not telling me if you don't want to rp anymore.
if you have a busy life and you can't roleplay at the moment but will be when your time is free please let me know so I'm not waiting for a response that never will come
2. Don't treat me disrespectfully, If you have a problem with me just don't talk to me
3. I am trying sci-fi!!!!!! Please do not force me into one!

4. Don't randomly block me at least tell me why because if I wanted to roleplay with you and you block me
it hurts a lot and I won't know why. If you wanna block me at least let me know what i did wrong.

Here are the things I do like
I love anime!
Doing romance rp's
playing video games
listening to music
playing with kittens cough cough i'm allergic to them
I love puppies
HAZBIN HOTEL love angel dust and charlie...and radio demon...and oh love them all!

Things about me


thank you and have a good life!

I won't be on for awhile apologizes I love you all!!


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we haven't been roleplaying long, but my am i already hooked on her replies! they're well written and thought out! show her more love please (´,,”¢Ï‰”¢,,)♡ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - haneulseongie
Scarletwolf is one of the friendliest roleplayers I've ever met here in RPR. We're only halfway to our RP, but I can already say that they are a good roleplayer. They always do their best in every reply and their characters are just absolutely adorable, especially the ones I'm playing with right now. They are also very sweet, patient, and easy to talk to in OOC. Don't lose your chance to RP with or befriend them! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - HibariHaru013

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