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Hi I'm scarletwolf but you can call me wolfe!
here are things I do not like so please don't do it.

Hey I'm gonna be off and on for awhile I'm catching up with a friend
so please bare with me..I'm unmarking which characters are annoymous to let people know
thank you have a good day or night!

1. Not telling me if you don't want to rp anymore.
if you have a busy life and you can't roleplay at the moment but will be when your time is free please let me know so I'm not waiting for a response that never will come
2. Don't treat me disrespectfully, If you have a problem with me just don't talk to me
3. I am trying sci-fi!!!!!! Please do not force me into one!

4. Don't randomly block me at least tell me why because if I wanted to roleplay with you and you block me
it hurts a lot and I won't know why. If you wanna block me at least let me know what i did wrong.

Here are the things I do like
I love anime!
Doing romance rp's
playing video games
listening to music
playing with kittens cough cough i'm allergic to them
I love puppies
HAZBIN HOTEL love angel dust and charlie...and radio demon...and oh love them all!

Things about me


thank you and have a good life!

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Look before I say anything, right here, right now, i have to ask something. Have you ever met her? I mean seriously, have you? She always makes the role plays exciting. Great at it and i love being her Freind. She's so friendly, and nice, caring and being with her always makes me smile, or laugh. So if you haven't met her. Go. Go right this instant.

She's a great Freind :3 - Holly-Leaf
I wish I could check more boxes,she has very creative ideas for what to do next in an rp,she is a wonderful writer,sometimes its sentences,sometimes its paragraphs. She even drives the plot forward,we are currently doing an Undertale rp,and its really awesome,the character development is amazing,and I love the gore and worldly problems that are in the rp. She is very fun to talk to and she's an amazing friend. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - JetStorm

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