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Posted by Richard Ruiz (played by mk_97) December 23rd 2014, 8:15pm
mk_97 here to bring you the latest in OKAY news. I hope you're having a merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc.

I've thought about this for a while and basically I've come to the conclusion that for me to get this thing rolling I've got to streamline a lot of things. I already have - optional interviews, optional dice system.

The long hiatus has given me as well the chance to reflect on what I'm really looking for in a group RP. Do I want massive amounts of people, or do I want dedicated people who can prove themselves capable of bringing in amazing stories through this framework? This wondering has also led me to believe that I must start at my roots, the individual or 1x1/small RP to build rapport and credibility.

And I also have to keep an eye out for IRL and post frequency, too. I don't want to post a demand for consistent posting everyday when we actually start a major roleplay in this group.

And...well, basically it's down to who's joining this group now, what they think of it, what they can get out it, what stories they can make, what ideas they can bounce off each other, etc. I have good faith that freeform storytelling will work out for these endeavors.

So, more or less, that's basically what I'm looking for with this group.

What is OKAY? Let me remind you all: The Overwatch for the Knowledge and Anticipation of Your problems is a worldwide organization (that may or may not be secretive) that is dedicated to helping people with their problems, ranging from the mundane (cat stuck in a tree, hundred cats stuck in trees, cats being kidnapped and forced to work in the tree mines), to the extraordinary (decontamination of nuclear radiation in an area, activism and social justice at an international scale). OKAY deals with them all.

OKAY is not:
-an assassin's guild. We are trained to fight as well, but no, we're not like that.
-a new world order. You are free to criticize the Overwatch as you see fit, though.
-a private military company.

OKAY is:
-that cheesy 80's international freedom fighting group you see in your cartoons
-very pervasive
-a watchdog against the threat of conspiracies and criminal orders
-a go-to for the hopeless

You know what I mean? Let's all keep this in mind as I renovate.


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