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Reminding me you're waiting is totally okay (even if I have stuff going on). If you would like to drop an RP with me for any reason, even just that you're tired of waiting or simply don't feel excited about it, please let me know. I won't hold it against you. :)

PSAs and Soapboxing
Sometimes I write up posts specifically aimed at community improvement or, honestly, just sort of ranting a bit and hoping it turns out helpful. These get buried in time, of course, but since folks do often seem to find them helpful, I'm going to try collecting links here for easy access. (And I'm not gonna let my negative self-talk about that being narcissistic or something get in the way.)

RP Preferences
I thrive on flexibility. I'm typically happy to adjust my characters to fit different settings, and you may notice variability actually built into many of my characters - shapeshifting, wandering, deceptive pretending.

Style: I average 1-4 paragraphs, and expect the same of others. I do understand that sometimes a couple sentences is all that can be achieved, and I don't mind posts coming out long when there's a lot to describe. Be clear with description, do your best at grammar and spelling, and first-person should only be used for dialog and thoughts. I also prefer things being written fairly straightforward; show-don't-tell is both fine and excellent, but imagery and metaphors should be clear and sensible. (I have trouble picturing things.)

Combat: I'm most used to a write-it-out method where the outcome of fights is determined by writing each other into corners and/or plot. However, I've been starting to work a little with dice. I don't have any particular system I stick to, but when I make a roll, I try to keep in mind the skill of both characters and any circumstances that might affect things (for example, shooting accurately while running is a lot harder than while standing still, so I'll increase the numbers that result in a miss). If there's a method you'd prefer, I'm happy to talk it over. :)

Other notes: I'm not against romance, but it should certainly not be expected. I might get into suggestive stuff, but I'd rather not write detailed smut. I'm generally fine with character death, limb loss, and other permanent injuries, so long as it makes sense (I may only acknowledge it in that continuity anyway). I'll likely ask you the same before I do anything serious to any of your characters, but it's also nice if you let me know up front. And, I have no problem with characters who swear (though I'll admit I get tired of every other word being a cuss pretty quick).

I'm kinda burnt out about vampires and zombies, and although I have no problem with part-animal characters in general (I have a few myself), I prefer when animal people aren't the primary or only thing all over the world (mostly because it's so unfamiliar to me). I'm also not a fan-RP person, especially since my exposure to most entertainment media is pretty limited.

Quick Style Key
This is narrative. It may have emphasis at times.

((This is an out-of-character note.))

"This is spoken dialog."

This is a character's private thought. Some characters protect their thoughts from intrusion, so ask before reading someone's thoughts.

'This is dialog via telepathy. It may be directed at an individual, or it may be a general projection.'

> This is a text or other brief screen text.

Just Me
Hullo, I'm Zelphyr, a name combining "zilpher" (a very old spelling of "silver") and "zephyr." Thus: Silver Wind. In the past (and still in some places where I can't change it) I have most notably gone by Dragon Moon and Novalyyn, plus a handful of other short-lived names.

I have no pronoun preferences at this time.

I've been roleplaying since my early teen years, and writing even longer. Usually I've stuck to small communities; even in larger ones, it was mostly the same group of people I'd see all the time. At one point, I ran a forum that had its own detailed-and-growing world, but lack of members and activity led me to shut it down; references to it still exist in some of my characters.

I have a water dragon named Scamp. I luffs her. <3

If I ever seem quiet and withdrawn, it's most likely either because I've gotten thoroughly distracted by something else, or I'm concerned about being a nuisance or coming across as pompous and pushy. I'm silly like that.

Stuff I Do
I've worked a lot of different jobs: food service, front-end web dev, janitor, professional cuddler, etc. I'm unemployed at the moment (and honestly a little lost).

More of my writing can be found on Writing.Com. Other art and more writing can be found on deviantArt. What it comes down to is: I like to make stuff.


Rave Reviews

Dear GOSH this person is NICE. I constantly see her (him?) welcoming the new RPers, just like she did me my first week. And her RPing ability (And grammar!) is astoundingly good. These kudos are more than deserved. - SirMustacheTheGreat
Novalyyn, RPR's favourite evil overlord! Despite her patronage of villains in all shapes and sizes, Nova is actually a lovely person, patient and funny in OOC conversations and with many clever ideas. Novalyyn is always coming up with creative characters, and is always an excellent addition to any roleplay. - Loren

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