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An excerpt from an OKAY flyer

You’ve successfully forwarded your job application and resume to OKAY. A few days pass, and the franchise calls you from one of its top secret phone lines to announce that you’ve got an interview spot with a franchise manager, and that arrangements have been made to pick you up, in secret.

You are soon whisked away to an underground facility, one of many run by OKAY. Under heavy surveillance, you meet one of the franchise owners, who has your job application and resume on hand. So begins your long and tedious interview.

Here are a few tips in order to get through and get the most out of your interview:
Be honest! Yes, this means that you might have to divulge a little bit of uncomfortable information when prompted. We encourage you to be open about your life and experiences as possible. Though we may judge your character we will never be so quick as to condemn you on the spot over things that happened in the most cases. On the flip side, you don’t have to divulge anything if you don’t want to, though this may hurt your chances at getting a position at OKAY.
Be prepared! If you have talked to anyone who has been interviewed by OKAY, chances are that you’ve heard of some really unorthodox interview questions thrown their way. Regardless of whether or not these questions surface, treat this interview with an underground franchise as if it were an interview for any other company in the world.
Dress nicely! Unlike most job interviews, however, you can come in dressed all casually and not get dismissed for being sloppy. We believe that how you dress tells a lot about who you are as an individual. If you’re going to look ugly, flaunt it! If you have a weird hairdo, be proud of it! If you like dressing up in old wartime costumes and re-enacting wars, go for it!
Don’t be a jerk! We’ll let you figure that one out.

Our interviewers will generally decide whether or not to hire you on the spot. Make the most out of your interview and you'll join the prestigious OKAY Freelancers in no time!

-Elie Papantoniou
Administrator of OKAY, Black Sea Core

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ADDENDUM 3/21/14: I am attempting to limit the number of active interviews to five at a time. I can do more, but I will attempt to focus on the most recent five by application order. -mk_97
ADDENDUM 03/30/14: As a rule of thumb on my behalf, interviews should be limited to around one to two pages. I can accomodate for more if need be, though from all the threads I've conducted so far, I want to make 2+ pages the exception to this soft rule. -mk_97
ADDENDUM 04/12/14: From the most recent announcement. All new interviews from here on out will be conducted quicker, within a "live" timeframe, depending on both the schedules of the interviewer and interviewee. This is in consideration of more people signing up for the group. Because IRL stuff delays my responses, I hope this proves to be a more efficient way of getting the interviews done on my end. -mk_97
ADDENDUM 04/20/14: Interviews are now optional. I repeat, they are optional. (However, I still encourage them.) This means from now on anyone can join in as quick as possible and RP, Freelancer or not. Also, all new members will still get the title of "Freelancer [pending]" unless they prove themselves otherwise. -mk_97

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