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This is the designated chat topic! A great place to hang out and have a conversation with fellow community members. :)
I don't know why the chat is absolutely BLINDING though. I need to figure out what styling is responsible for this.
OH okay, I jumped straight into editing the CSS but the chat apparently uses the basic color scheme. Whoops. XD
I'm gonna fix that right up, this is a dang bright eyesore
Ahhh yes okay, this is MUCH better. :D
It looks great! I'm in night mode so the text area is cocoa for me.
Yeah I can't seem to affect that whatsoever lol
It's fine though!
It works!
I'm still able to use the night mode feature, and that's what matters most.
Override group chat colors is a solid feature tbh
If I can get this headache to pass, I may dive back into working on my current project. And agreed! I can't remember, but I think I may have used it for my own group back in the day.
Oh oh I just added a subforum and I need to style itttt
Not me pulling up photoshop to mess with an asset for the character name background
I am SO freaking hype to see what you come up with for the Tua'kaa. I hope it helps diversify your portfolio a bit.

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