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Hi friends! I'm back with a new Epic style that you can see in action right here on the portfolio page! ;)

Screenshot%20Thumbnail.jpg Say hi to Future City, a futuristic neon cityscape style! Available to anyone with Epicness. :)

This style was a little more challenging than my usual design, due to some limitations with the HTML frame that RPR provides. I did my absolute best to make it work well on all screen sizes, but if you run into any issues, please do let me know!

Additionally, I've also overhauled my portfolio page overall. I'm no longer selling licenses for Epic styles. As a result of this change in my licenses, I've made two older styles publicly available: Seafoam and City Nights (which was my old portfolio style!).

Screenshot%20Thumbnail.jpg Screenshot%20Thumbnail.jpg

I'm currently working on designing more Epic styles, as well as wrapping up a gift style.
I Love these! I have a character I may use City Nights for!
Thank you Sanne for your awesome creativity! :D

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