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  • Information in this group starts out each year using information from prior years and updating as things are learned.

    If you set up any guides/resources, we'd be happy to link to them. If you provide info in a visual-focused format, such as an image, you are strongly encouraged to also try including a text explanation that can be used by those who rely on screen readers. Transcription of audio-focused formats is also encouraged. (And please let us know if the way things are set up here makes anything inaccessible, extra confusing, or extra difficult for you!)

    If you'd like to help keep info up to date as things happen, you're welcome to PM me (Zelphyr) info/links (or I may set up a thread so it's more clear what's been sent to me already and just not yet added here), or you can let me know if you'd like edit access to help update things if I'm away.

    1. Go to the group treasury, then find and press the "Distribute Treasury Items" button.
    2. In the "Recipient" box, start typing your username until it comes up. (Alternatively, to send it to someone else, type their username instead.)
    3. Find the item(s) you want, using the Inventory Search to help if needed. Click the checkbox (not the image) for any item you want.
    4. Click the "Send Items" button at the bottom of the page. Any selected item should then be moved to your personal inventory!

    If you have any issues, be sure to let someone know!

    From your Inventory page
    Just go to your inventory and select the "Give Items" button. In the Recipient box, type in our name until you can select "The Epic Armory." Select the items to give and send them along! <3

    From the Armory's pages
    Click either the "Give items from your inventory" button on the sidebar or the "Donate items" button in the treasury. This will take you to your inventory with the Epic Armory pre-selected as the recipient. Select the checkbox for any item you want to give, then hit the "Send Items" button at the bottom of the page. Awesome, thanks!

    Give it all!
    You can also give your entire EW inventory at once! All Epic Week items except what you have on display will be transferred to the Armory. The link can be found in the sidebar of event pages