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Kim Site Admin

This is the official thread for Epic Week 2016 adventurers to discuss helping Doubutt get weapons (and seeds) to the front line!

For your adventuring convenience, here is the link to the game:
Keke Moderator

Note: This is just how I play the game! It is not at all a definitive how-to, but rather something I have found that seems to work for me fairly consistently. Please feel free to play in whatever way makes you the most comfortable. I will do my best to update this depending on my own play-throughs and also any additions you may have. I have noticed that getting the game to work initially can be tricky for some, and it was tricky for me in the beginning as well. Even though my java was updated, I still updated using the automatic method listed on RPR. Then I closed out my browser and reopened—prior to doing so I could not get the game to load, and instead it continued opening as an unzippable file. Onwards, to battle!


Q - Drop a carried item.
Arrow keys - Move Doubutt. Double tapping an arrow key in any direction will cause Doubutt to dash (move quicker), and this can be drawn out by pressing and holding that directional arrow down.
ESC - Lets you toggle sound/music on/off.
Magnet: Found at the top of the first room, the magnet makes the weapon attracted to you... get it? Too much? Okay. :| The weapon essentially trails your movement slowly, and is great for moments of panic when you almost knock it off a ledge!

Foodstuff: Includes slices of cake (2), carrots (1), apples. Restores 1-2 bar(s) of health, consumed by walking over the item.

Water Fountain: Restores 1 bar of health each time you drink from it. Standing near the fountain will gradually restore health. Great to use if you’re super low on health!

Pots: Probably one of my favorite items in the game! Pots can be destroyed by bumping them into other items (Doubutt included, but it takes a little longer)—best when smashed into a wall! Pots have a chance to contain foodstuff or even seeds. Smash ‘em up!

Normal Beetles: Hit for 1 health. These guys will run at you if you get too close, but they can be killed provided you have an object to do so with. Items, like pots or balls, can be used to hit a beetle to kill it. I can't tell yet if you have to hit them multiple times, but it seems like if you launch an item fast enough it only takes one hit. You can also trick these beetles into falling into holes by leading them near a hole, then quickly running around the opposite side. They usually won't stop in time and will fall through.

Ice Beetles: Hit for 2 health. These beetles run away from you if you get too close, so they won't actively try to hurt you. However, they leave behind trails of ice that make it difficult and dangerous to cross through. I usually move slowly and try to corner them into falling off of a ledge where possible, but you can carefully move past them without worrying that they'll follow you. Like normal beetles, these can be killed with an item where available.

Blobs: Hit for 3 health. Blobs seem to move in predetermined paths and do not chase Doubutt. Just make sure you're not in its trajectory and you'll be fine! Cannot be killed. Blobs WILL pick up items on the ground: food, seeds, AND your weapon, so be careful as they can end your game!

Ghosts: Hit for 2 health. These are only an issue when you get too close to them. If you keep your distance, they don't bother you; however, when you get close they move quick--dashing is your friend in this instance. Double tap an arrow in any direction to move like the wind and get away. They have a nasty habit of sticking around doors, too, so be careful and re-enter a room with caution if you had to backtrack. These cannot be killed that I've seen, but you CAN use the weapon to push them back if you're strategic about it! Another thing I have noticed is that the ghosts ONLY chase you if they're facing you. If you approach them from behind, you can get right up on them without them coming after you, but be careful!

Green Dragonsnakes: They look like dragonsnakes, so I'ma call them dragonsnakes. These seem to be primarily in large grassy areas, as I have yet to come across them in any other room, and they seem to run away from Doubutt when you get close. Still, proceed with caution! The lovely Vermilion confirmed that these little buggers can be killed!

Red Dragonsnakes: Like Ghosts, the red dragonsnakes will hunt you down and try to eat your face off if you get too close. Again, dashing is your friend here! These, like blobs, will eat seeds if you don't get to them first... they're just a bit more aggressive about it. The lovely Vermilion confirmed that these little buggers can be killed!

How I Play:
In the first room, I always grab the magnet just to have it on my person. Force of habit for me, but you can grab it anytime that you find convenient (or not at all, if you’d rather). The magnet makes the weapon trail you when you get close to it. It moves slowly, but it’s good to have in your possession. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly knocked a weapon off into the abyss only to save it by having the magnet. Whew!

I never take the weapon with me initially. I leave it in the first room and do a quick walk through, using this opportunity to clear out baddies (that I can), gather seeds, and bust open pots. Going through the rooms without the weapon lets me work at my leisure without worrying about trying to keep up with it or accidentally bumping it off... though mistakes do happen! And they have. :|

Only after I find the cannon room do I go back to retrieve the weapon and push it through. Following the above method, I can usually do so without worrying about killable baddies because the rooms are cleared out, though blob and ghost rooms require me to be a little more strategic.

When I enter a room with a weapon, I do so slowly to minimize the chance of it falling into a hole or getting gobbled up. If I'm entering from the left or the right, I'll push an item through the middle, move up or down, and then enter so I don't accidentally bump into it when I follow.

Be extra careful in rooms full of bouncy balls because if there are enough of them, they CAN push Doubutt and make it more difficult to control. Proceed with caution!

Highest Seed Pod Total: 7 is the most I've found so far!

Click here for screenshots!

* I chose this screenshot first because it was a room that I initially had difficulty with, but what I found is that if you move in the opposite direction as the blob, you can likely get your weapon through without it being blobsorbed. It may mean you have to wait a little bit, but it's a far better outcome than losing! Wait for the blob to move towards you, then push the weapon underneath it. The blob moves slowly enough that you should not have any difficulty getting through the rest of this room. Unless you're me and you bounce the weapon off of the wall and into the blob... yeah.


* I seem to have difficulty when it comes to blobs... can you tell? This room is fairly easy to get through--once the blobs are all moving up or down, you can usually dash through with no issues. But if you're nervous, the middle blob never touches the bottom of the room so you can stand under it without getting hurt.
Kim Site Admin

This post also reserved for a community member to volunteer to keep track of useful Doubutt tips, tricks and play strategies.
Dragonfire Moderator

Hrrrm. Looks like some ghosts have invaded Doubutt's castle this year, too. And there are seeds to find of varying quantity. I've found only a couple in one run, and then at least five in another (although a slime ate one, sigh).

I diiiid run into a bit of an error when a stray bouncy ball dropped off the castle just as I was about to load my ray gun into the cannon, though, and that caused the whole thing to crash. Oops?
Kim Site Admin

Dragonfire wrote:
I diiiid run into a bit of an error when a stray bouncy ball dropped off the castle just as I was about to load my ray gun into the cannon, though, and that caused the whole thing to crash. Oops?
Wow! Did it give you any specific error message?
Quick tip: use a browser other than Chrome to install/update Java. >.>
Dragonfire Moderator

It did, but unfortunately I clicked through before it registered with my brain that something had gone wrong! If it happens again to me, I'll let you know.

For what it's worth, it happened in one of the 'new' cannon rooms, with the entrance from the right side of the room.
I tend to explore without the weapon first, and when I found the cannon room with the door on the right, I was so nervous about going into it. o.o I half expected to fall.
This game is super hard! I need to put it on easy-mode T.T
I do appreciate that every weapon is coated in green soap so it slides easier. If only Doubutt would clean up his rooms once in a while. Never before have I yelled "God damn my laser is stuck in the ball pit again!" and meant it.
Hint: If you find a fountain, standing near it will heal you for a bit.
Where do we see on the website what items we've transfered over from the game? I want to make sure it's actually working, since I went through half an hour of work getting java working for this. :P
I got the game, but I'm not 100% sure on Java
I'll probably wait on installing it if I need to, as I would only have a few hours to actually test it out (and I don't want to get addicted now do I?)

"half-unicorn, half-nightsteed, all butt"

absolutely glorious
So far the game works for me! I'm enjoying it so far but I find the movement co-ordination with the map layout a bit awkward.
Sanne Moderator

Trickster wrote:
Where do we see on the website what items we've transfered over from the game? I want to make sure it's actually working, since I went through half an hour of work getting java working for this. :P

You don't see a history yourself, but Kim can check. I can confirm that it works though, cause I got an item from you in a random event!

oh. i assume this is just me being silly, but just in case this helps anyone else:

you can do the dash and then hold the direction down to keep dashing!
i've just been spamming the directional keys over and over, haha!

also, it helps to scout ahead for the cannon, then backtrack and escort the weapon there. this way it minimizes the chances of you dropping it!

HHRRRGH i had 5 seeds and i pushed the grenade too fast and it fell into a hole in the next room!

another word of advice - don't do what i just did! always gently poke the weapon through the doors.
Sanne Moderator

For those who played last year, this year seems to be a bit different as far as cannon room location goes!

Last year it was always in a room at the top. This year that doesn't seem to be the case, as I entered a door on the left and there was the cannon room!

Not sure if it's fixed this year like it was last year, but don't make the same mistake I did by only trying the rooms at the top lol

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