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    Welcome to Here For You, a group dedicated to be a support for fellow RPR members who suffer from mental conditions such as (but not limited to!) depression and anxiety. We're here for you in your time of need. While we aren't medical professionals who can cure your ailments, we can be your friends and listen to you when you're not doing well. We also listen to you when you're doing great and have accomplished a step forward!

    This group is safe.

    There is no tolerance for poor behavior, shaming or otherwise the belittling of people's problems. While we can't promise to be fully trigger-free, we do strive to make the group accessible to as many people and as friendly as possible. Please consult our rules page for more details on what we got to offer!

    To offer an additional bit of privacy, our forums are Members Only. :)
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    Asking for help & giving help

    Posted By Sanne on Nov 14th 2018

    Hello everyone!

    Due to some recent events, I want to touch on two of the things we do in this group: asking for help and giving help.

    This group's foundation is the community that sticks together and cares for one another, and I'm so very happy and privileged to be part of it! I've spent a...


    Group Epicness for Here for You

    Posted By Sanne on Nov 2nd 2018

    Hi guys!

    I hope you all had an awesome October and a fun time celebrating Halloween, no matter where you are in the world. :D

    I'm very happy to announce that the group is now in a position where we can introduce Epic features by having an Epic group subscription for 18 months. Before I activate...


    Do you struggle with setting boundaries?

    Posted By Sanne on Aug 24th 2018

    One of the things that helps people who struggle is to set clear boundaries. Setting boundaries is an important aspect of self-care to help prevent mental and physical overload, and is a practice of consent, but it's also a challenging task for many.

    A common misconception is that saying "no" means...


    Updates on the rules page

    Posted By Sanne on Aug 18th 2018

    Hello everyone!

    In light of our growth and a stale rules page that hasn't been updated pretty much since this group started, I went ahead and made some adjustments.

    Don't worry, our rules are pretty much the same, but they explain things in more detail now, so that there's less confusion for...


    Join our Discord server!

    Posted By Sanne on Jul 24th 2018

    Hello everyone!

    After some consideration and realizing the need for a place to hang out and casually chat between forum posts, I decided to open a Discord server for the group. Click the link below to join!


    Please note that there are some additional rules for the...