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[IMPORTANT UPDATE] Interview Process, RP Logistics

Posted by OKAY Employees (played by mk_97) April 11th 2014, 4:40pm
My reasoning for the interview process is simple: think of it as a different way of developing a character biography. We get to know some parts of the characters, and their motivations. It's also a preview of a person's writing style when it comes to the main RP.

Membership is slow and infrequent, which is, so far, normal. I don't mind. Because I am still recruiting people and that the interview response time has been slow on my part, IRL factors considered, any interviews I set up beyond today must be quick. That is, all new members I PM should give the time they are best available for a quick chat RP, and I will likewise do the same.

Also, with the number of people that could potentially sign up, I was thinking about the roleplaying format. Should there be one big thread for an episode? Several small ones, maybe? I don't want to force anything on anyone. To be honest, I'm not sure how I'd feel about thirty people posting on the same official RP thread, trying to make sense of what's going on. We'll work it out as time passes.

Anyways, here's the list so far of all active interviews. Again, interviews started beyond today will have to be "live", unless negotiated otherwise.

Adrian Flash
Anna Lee
Green Mike

Felix Fontaine

If you are inactive, please respond ASAP to your corresponding interview thread! You have my thanks in advance.

One last thing - be sure to tell your friends about the Overwatch, aka the Franchise! Random acts of kindness are always appreciated in this cold world, and we, the Franchise, deliver.


Community Feedback

  1. mk_97

    April 11th 2014


    @Caustic: I meant thirty people if we eventually get enough people. Also I'm board with the idea for Freelancers trying to help other people, though at the moment I can't see the Franchise going onto Fantasy RP unless some sort of time travel mechanism is contrived for high fantasy settings. I just want to stick to Modern RP for now, though we'll see how it goes.

    @PenGryphon2007: I'm hesitant about using dice to assign random jobs. I would much rather have people talk it out OOC about it and then formalize it IC.

    @Novalynn: Yes, having small teams is reasonable; at this point I'd say it's more of a loose guideline than strict rule. I'd actually like to see what happens when more than 20 people respond to one major thread, I guess. I can accommodate for drop-ins mid-mission, though keeping them active is another thing altogether. Also, I don't know if this tidbit is relevant, but I envision really big problems like a nuclear waste accident to have hundreds of NPC Freelancers.

    @all: Here's what I was thinking if we want to split the threads:

    [HUB] EPISODE ## [TITLE] (Introduction/briefing at a place, links to threads)
    [TASK] EPISODE ## - [DESCRIPTION] (Description can be a place, an event, can change mid-thread)
    [COMM] EPISODE ## [TITLE] (Wave Communicator transmissions)
    [STORY] EPISODE ## [TITLE] (Events in the story so far) [Possibly a Google Doc if anyone's interested]

  2. Zelphyr

    April 11th 2014


    I'd say go ahead and have a single thread for a given episode/activity/task, and simply limit how many people can be on that task at a time. I mean, it's assumable that a company would want to stick to an idea number for a team for any given problem. And to avoid actual exclusion, there could be multiple episodes/tasks running independently at a given time with different people on the teams.
  3. PenGryphon2007

    April 11th 2014


    I'd have to agree with Caustic on the idea of going with smaller group RPs. Even with four people, it still can take a while to get a post in if someone is particularly busy. I know for myself, my schedule changes weekly and daily, so one day I might have the evening off, but on another I might have the early morning. And then there's RL stuff outside of work that happens...Granted I do get two days free off work, BUT how that lines up with everyone else in the group remains to be seen.

    As far as the episodes go, I think it'd be fine to have multiple people doing the same one. Unless it's easier to have us pick which one we'd rather do and then maybe roll dice to see who gets it? That'd be more work on your part however.

    The easiest method might be to create forums for each episode, and then have each thread in that forum relate to something in that episode. That way we can easily piece together what's happening when/where and in what episode. Just an idea. It'd also make it easier to track who is where and when. :)
  4. Caustic

    April 11th 2014


    Not sure about thirty people, since there seems to only be five to eight at the moment, but I get your point.

    That said, it'd likely be best to run individual threads for small good Samaritan acts (or if you want quicker posting), and small groups - two to three additional players apiece, maaaaybe four - with each thread tied into the larger meta-thread (like, for example, each group playing part of a larger act rather than everyone trying to fit in the same act), at least until membership picks up.

    It's been my experience that large threads don't really work out, because you know you'll have to wait on someone that takes a week or longer to post each round, and then the thread tends to break down fairly quickly after the third or fourth round. Then again, some of the places I've been at have had fifteen~twenty people posting in a given thread, and half of them either drop out or get passed at least once because they don't post with any urgency at all. If that can be avoided, it would be very helpful @__@

    Another idea: what if there were the occasional event where OKAY freelancers jumped in to "help" people with their "problems" outside of the group forum, within say either the Modern RP or Fantasy RP forums? ( with permission, of course ^^; ) That would make the universe seem a bit bigger. Maybe food for thought later on...

    Honestly though, no matter what opinions we have or give, it's your show to run, so to speak ^^;

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