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In an undisclosed location, two people walked through an unmarked door, one floor below a supposedly decrepit building.

The small office that the two of them stepped into quickly lit up with a bright white tint. Bookshelves lined the back wall, and the left and right walls held wide filing cabinets as sepia colored as the wall behind them. A well polished oak wood desk lay near the center of the office, with a swiveling, trendy leather chair behind it - the interviewer's chair, and a more boring, wooden chair in front of it - the interviewee's chair. The fluorescent lights hummed, though that was all the sound there was to hear in this place.

Ettore Mancuso dressed nice, as usual - gray suit and matching gray everything. He had remembered to shave his entire face for the occasion, as his brown beard became too unwieldy to be seen in. He was about six feet tall and of average build, unlike the rest of his family, who were all taller and of more average build than him, for some strange reason.

Working as an OKAY Freelancer, now employer, was incredibly stressful for him. The one thing he liked about his higher position was hearing the stories of all newcomers. He approved the last ten interviewees over five days. Their stories were interesting; one was a clown who knew all the martial arts in the world, another was a competitive real-time strategy game player with amazing micromanagement skills, and yet another was a Biology major hoping to perfect "regenerating metal alloy." Come to think of it, how many scientists did he interview were there that told that they were working on some regenerative non-carbon material? And he approved all of them, imagine that. To his knowledge, there were about sixteen of them at work, perfecting regenerative armor at the Central Core.

Ettore closed the door behind the interviewee and made his way over to the oak wood desk. Today he was dealing with...what was it called on the resume? He was dealing with a man who put Alternate Reality Containment on his list of work experience. OKAY was no stranger to weird constructs and even weirder alternate realities once in a while, so he was always glad to have someone who knew his stuff on board. Ettore never liked dealing with these...unrealistic things in person, though as an OKAY Freelancer he had always sought to help solve a problem to the bitter end, even if everything went out of control. That meant standing up to foul beasts who devoured entire fields of strawberries and giant eagles that gained sentience from careless nuclear waste found in a top secret nuclear dumping ground.

And that one guy who seemingly always teleported everywhere, who crippled his younger brother and nearly killed his parents.

Enough, he thought to himself as he sat down at the desk. Not the time for that. He quickly took out a pad of paper and a pen from his desk, scribbling something on the pad with his pen. Not long after, he looked up at the interviewee on the other side of his desk.

"Once again, Mr. Marcus," Ettore began, "thank you for coming here to follow up on your application. Let's begin right away." He pulled out several sheets of paper from his similarly gray canvas bag and took a glance at them. "First of all, Mr. Marcus," he said, looking up from the paper, "how did you hear about OKAY?"

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The time had been long since Andy sat down to any sort of actual interviews - decades, really. A part of him enjoyed sitting on this side of the desk and answering the questions. It was, perhaps, one of the most relaxing things he had done since the Nebraska Incident, and that was not relaxing at all.

He let his attention shift from the past to the present and focused on Ettore. He thought about it, then opened his hands. The story was a bit complicated.

"A friend of a friend," he replied. "He had a bit of a run in with an Oracle virus. We shook hands. He saw I was going to retire from the old job and figured he would give me a tip."
"I see," Ettore commented, scribbling near-flawless handwriting into his notepad as he kept his eyes on the interviewee. "How are you enjoying retirement so far, Mr. Marcus?"

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