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The Enduring

While they were not among the first races to arrive, humanity has been on Hy-Brazir a long time now and in numbers to easily dominate culture within the east. They have a sweeping empire and many smaller nations, kings and queens ruling from their respective cities with beliefs that outright shun magic. This is not to say that humans are incapable of magic, however - many are in fact born with it regardless and some populations those who embrace it exist alongside the fae in the west.

Racial Details
Classification: humanoid
Subraces: tba
Homeworld: unknown (likely many)
Lifespan: 80-100 years
Magic: yes, if rare
Diet: omnivorous
Average Height:
Average Weight:
Skin Tones:
Eye Tones:
Hair Tones:

( They're standard humans all around, with a range of tones reflecting the regions they live in - primarily temperate, but plenty within the tropics, deserts, and tundra as well. )

Social Overview

Population: very large
Living Style: communal
Nations: Port Kalamis
Languages: many
Subcultures: many
Notable Members:
Known For:

If one follows the light of the rising sun to the furthest point of land to the east, at the end of a mighty headland known as Cape - one can find Port Kalamis, the City of Light. It is the capital of the - empire, a culture primarily human, fervently magic hating, and led by the monotheistic religion of Neutralism. It is a belief system that has had a long history, founded by mundane who arrived and found themselves dwarfed by magic, assailed by supernatural forces, and ultimately afraid and desperate to gain control over their situation. A safety was found on the eastern coasts - the furthest point they could get from the western side of the continent - and in the cleansing light of the sun when it came to dealing with creatures of the night.

It is there the heads of the Neutralists rule the city and country from the Della Luce, a mighty chapel which sees the first rays of dawn breaking upon the continent each day. They believe magic to be a sinful corruption to be cleansed from a planet and they are most fervent in their beliefs and practices. While the last century has brought many setbacks, they remain great in their seat of power and have substantial influence across the eastern territories - although one might argue that influence has grown weaker since the birth of the isthmus nation. They do not look well upon the distant city of Thornmouth, a reminder of their failures in conquest and perhaps more than a small ‘setback’ to their plans of expansion. Indeed, one might say the young nation remains a thorn in their side.


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