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Hi. I'm a wreck of social anxieties and pretty cloistered and hermetic. I'm not great at asking or reaching out, so if I've promised a scene or plot, please bother me, or else it'll never get done. I am an unreliable narrator, especially when playing deceptive characters. I won't outright lie, but may imply or suggest things through narration.

I enjoy playing science-based characters, even in fantasy. Anything that throws me into research. Especially of the Mad Science variety. Unhinged cyberneticists, and delightfully hands-on experimental necromancers; I don't seek out gore, but it comes a bit with the territory.

I also almost exclusively RP on Furc/Discord in continuities and groups, and don't do unsolicited 1v1s, sorry.

**Main is currently Cecille. My sleepy non-binary cyberdoc.
Secretly nudging cool scifi people to check out...
And high fantasy folk...



I've always been a bit hesitant to include things like this because I generally don't like to rule anything out, but.
I'm not much for romance RPs. I don't like seeing them as 'endgame'. I don't like people entering into an RP with me with "oh man gotta build up that relationship just enough to get with that character."
I don't despise romance, but in general nothing makes me happier than building up complex, thoughtful, strong friendship bonds, and if that develops into romance after, cool.
I totally understand people have their preferences, I just don't like stumbling into that situation and feeling like I accidentally 'rp friendzoned' someone, or disappointed them with a lack of smut. 💦
That's not to say I don't have promiscuous characters, but those are dang easy to spot.

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A White Rose, and a Cup Of Tea From Ave 💖💦

Rave Reviews

(Part II) There is a lot of love, thought, and effort put into them, which makes jumping into their world quite an experience. Not only are they a fantastic writer, but an outstanding artist that occasionally commemorates roleplay scenes or ideas in the form of hilarious comic strips called 'bloopers'. They are such a valuable person and friend, and I am thrilled to know them. I hope they never stop creating. - Avelithe
AJ is a dear friend and an absolute creative genius. I have never met someone who puts as much research into their writing as AJ, and it shows. They play a damn convincing doctor, and our little sci-fi community would surely be floundering without all the time, effort, and dedication AJ puts into bringing it to life. Do not pass up the opportunity to RP with AJ--you won't regret it! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - miarup

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