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The First Race

It is uncertain when the Dragons of Penmoor Keep first arrived in Hy-Brazir, but it is well known that they were here before the humans, the fae, and all other 'lesser' creatures. Historically dragons and the fae have gone hand in hand, with both fae and elven peoples either worshipping them or respecting them as they expect. The dragons are less inclined to trust the mundane, especially humans and dwarves, having been hunted throughout history for 'cures' or 'medicines' that their bodies unfortunately do provide. Dragon parts are valuable, but they are gigantic and ferocious beasts.

In the war a few sided with the fae and many were taken down by trebuchets and the like. Now they watch carefully from Penmoor Keep and can sometimes be seen flying in the distance. Rarely, now and then, one or two or even a full flight of dragons will fly over Thornmouth. Sometimes they seem to be watching the city and other times they seem to be headed out to sea where nothing else exists as far as all others are concerned. Some theorize that there are other dragon islands or moon gates out at sea that haven't been discovered but any who try to find them have failed or perished.

Penmoor is governed by a dragon king and a dragon queen as is typical in dragon communities. They are ancient moon dragons and haven't been seen by mortal eyes in many, many years, rarely leaving their large volcanic nest. While many dragons are speculated to be descendants of them, or even part of their 'recent' broods, moon dragons are a royal breed of exceedingly rare status.

Racial Details
Classification: reptilians
Subraces: fire dragons, water dragons, earth dragons, air dragons, moon dragons, many more
Homeworld: Anexus
Lifespan: 500-1000 years
Magic: yes; all kinds - elemental magic typically innate, capacity for magical learning endless
Diet: carnivorous, partially orevorous (capable of consuming minerals, but rarely can subsist on it - typically consumed for other reasons)
Size: huge
Average Height:
Average Weight:
Scale Tones:
Eye Tones:
Hair Tones:
Distinctions: they are giant flying reptiles

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Social Overview

Living Style: communal, secluded
Notable Members:
Known For:

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