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The Seafaring Artisans

The orcs are a crafty people who have integrated heavily into eastern society. They're often found doing heavy labour or working as gladiators in the cities due to their physical capability, but those who have followed the path of artisans and craftsman have had great influence on much of eastern culture: orcish barbeque and artisanal food products are very popular and outside the cooking arts, a fair number find success as master craftsman, ship captains, and merchants of fine taste. However, there are clans that live in settlements outside of mainstream society that utterly shun those who live within it, believing that they have forgotten their roots. They often take on the lifestyle of a pirate, marauding at sea.

Classification: humanoid
Subraces: -
Homeworld: -
Magic: yes, but very rarely
Diet: omivorous
Size: medium-large
Height Range:
Weight Range:
Skin Tones: jungle greens, browns, occasional brown-reds, greys (white to black), sometimes mottled
Eye Tones:
Hair Tones:
Distinctions: robust humanoid, tusked

Tall and robust humanoids, average build naturally muscular

Social Overview

Population: large
Living Style: communal
Nations: claim the southeastern tropics and coastlines, including the large southern island where they have their capital
Notable Members:
Known For: spices, dance, seafaring, fabrics
Produce: coal, aluminum, dragon pepper, various spices, salt, fruit, fish

An orc of Hy-Brazir looks a lot like generic orc overall, but culturally they are a matriarchal people of the sea and coastal jungles. They have a past that was once more warrior focused, but these days they’re more into trade and produce a lot of merchants, chefs, and tailors. They're among the most accepted of races in the east alongside humans and dwarves, those three making up a sort of trifecta of those who have had the most influence in mundane society. However, there are secluded communities of more 'traditional' orc who feel that their people have forgotten their roots. They're much harder around the edges and many of them are pirates.

Orcs and Dwarves are generally considered mundane and therefore their culture was allowed to thrive in the eastern regions of Hy-Brazir and in turn Thornmouth. For orcs this meant orcish cuisine became common: heavily seasoned and sometimes spicy 'barbeque' cooked upon stone or spits. They also changed the way in which the local guard and military operate using intimidation tactics and aggressive camaraderie before battle. This also meant orcish 'dance form' was introduced and is especially popular before battle or a performance in the coliseum.

They are an adventurous seafaring and mercantile people who prefer the coastal jungles and beaches. They are well known for their excellent food, spice exports, boat construction, and artistic expression in most everything they do. There is a dance to their fighting styles, a flair to their cuisine, bold patterns and colors in their clothing, and lovingly crafted details in their architecture.

  • Matriarchal - head of a family is the eldest woman
  • Lots of fish and reptile food, spices (known for producing dragon pepper)
  • Populations seem to prefer the coastal jungles, but they are found all over - some secluded tribes feel their people have lost ‘the old ways’ of being a more aggressive and warrior-based people
  • They still use their natural physical prowess in the arena, but the modern orc would rather have a contest of strength than a duel to the death
  • Boats - along with their cooking styles, expertise strongly suggest island origins in the distant past
  • Have an island plantation with rare food they maintain
  • Trade with dwarves who love their spices
  • Dragon peppers, coconut, pineapple, heavy meat sauces
  • Colorful clothing, dyes - flowing fashions
  • good dentistry, a very hygienic people second only to the elves
  • Strong warrior discipline that still shows in their culture, even if their focus has shifted and ‘softened’ over the generations
  • Detailed, elaborate tattooing
  • Carving of high quality bone, horn, and tusk objects

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