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The Pygmy Treasure Thieves

(Designed by Yamashta)

Dwerg are furry little goblinoids with a penchant for stealing treasure from dragons (and unwary travelers). While very simple creatures by the standards of most races, they are in fact quite intelligent and in the early stages of cultural development. Dwerg live in tribes and display a comparatively primitive use of tools, body paint, and simple accessories. It seems the average dwerg spends much of his or her time sneaking into dragon dens to steal both treasure and food, but what they do with all those precious gems and metals is unknown...

Their spoils are spirited away to what are presumably hidden villages within the isthmus and surrounding areas (in the case of populations on the islands, perhaps tunnels under the dragon lairs themselves), not one of which anyone has ever been able to locate.

Racial Details
Classification: goblinoid
Subraces: -
Homeworld: Anexus
Magic: no
Size: small; a little bigger than a toddler, with decent variation in sizes between individuals
Average Height:
Average Weight:
Skin Tones:
Eye Tones:
Hair Tones:

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Social Overview

Population: rare, small, large, etc.
Living Style: solitary, nomadic, communal, etc.
Nations: what major settlements, where
Notable Members:
Known For:

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