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Peacekeeping and Military Factions

The Law Council
The Law Council is comprised of a number of officials considered experts in the local law. They act as judges and lawyers for more complicated cases. It is only in the most extreme of cases that the King himself will appear to act as judge.

The City Guard

The Royal Guard

The Faewatch are an elite guard that watch the forest and the moon gate (Gate of Aetheros) to ensure the safety of Thornmouth's citizens. They ensure the seelie from the fae kingdom don't cause problems or overstep their bounds. They often clash harmlessly with the Court Guard.

In the Northern Wastes, an outpost known as Dracowatch can be found. The soldiers here do not often have much to do, but they hope if the time comes for action they're prepared.

Political Factions

Individual Factions

External Factions

Court Guard
The Court Guard are comprised of two distinct fae divisions that watch the borders of the fae kingdom on to ensure that humans or mundane races from the eastern kingdom don't overstep their bounds. They ensure the safety of their people and often clash harmlessly with each other or the Faewatch.

Seelie Court Guards take the day shift and Unseelie Court Guards take the night shift. Seelie occasionally take great pleasure in wearing bells on their armour only for shift changes, which drive away the Unseelie and frustrate them. Needless to say both Guards just barely work together.

General Guilds

Medical Guild
Huntsman Guild
They deal with far more than making friends with butchers - the huntsman guild also deals with animals that are considered invasive specifically for the closely associated farmer's guild, sometimes requiring a hand from monster slayers.
Farmers Guild
Adventurers' Guild
A support organization for mercenaries, treasure seekers, monster hunters, and explorers of all kinds. This is where groups can add themselves to a register for benefits, browse the specialized job board listings, or for citizens and businesses to seek aid. The Adventurers' Guild exists to make it easier for clients and adventurers to find one another (and make sure the latter gets paid). They also make life easier for the city guard, whom they act as an intermediary for between the law and enterprising citizenry (there is always a sergeant stationed here). Any jobs posted on this board must be approved by the office first and many come directly from the guard, who outsource the hunting of fugitives.
Craft Guild
The organization for master craftsman and artisans. These are the major local producer of goods and where aspiring artisans go to find work under a teacher. The ranks of journeyman, etc. are approved through this organization.
Trade Guild
(aka merchants and exchange)
The local association of merchants involved in broader exchanges of currency and goods. They work closely with the craft guilds as a matter of business, but are mostly registered caravans and bankers. The guild works to regulate commerce and protect merchants through the distribution of licenses and control of certain commodities. They also track shipments coming in and out of the city as a legalized institution part of the Trade and Immigration offices.

Entertainment Guilds

Chariot Racers
Jousting Guild

Education and Arts Guilds

The Art Association(?)
The local arts guild for scribes, bards, painters, etc.
Arcane Guild
(Brotherhood of the ???)(House of Magic?)(Steeplestone is a member.)

Illegal Guilds

Assassin’s Guild

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