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- fish, shellfish/seafood, and reptiles are plentiful (in particular eel and iguana), followed in increasing scarcity by insects, poultry, mutton / lamb, pork, and game (venison and rabbit)
- beef is rare and expensive, cows are kept mostly for labor
- a large variety of fish, shellfish/seafood and reptiles are eaten
- a large variety of insects are eaten as well and are at least as common as poultry - especially large grubs and things like ants / beetles / scorpions fried on sticks
- farm land is limited and game hunting dangerous, so the costs rise rather dramatically for red meat
- staples include olive oil, eggs, beans, breads, cheese, fresh fruits
- common ingredients also include eggplant, lemons, oranges, pineapples, nuts
- common dishes include fried fish and roasted meats, dumplings, salads, vegetable soups, curries, honey cake, various pastries and pies, candied fruits and nuts
- fish and reptile is often put together on the same plate (’surf and terp’, ‘fish ‘n hiss’)

Cultural Trends:

Human cuisine: lots of cereals and roasted meats, pasta dishes, partial to sweet and fatty foods. A lot of meat pies, noodles, egg dishes, and alcoholic beverages.

Dwarven cuisine: lots of ‘intense’ flavored (very spicy or very sweet) and hard foods like scorpion-on-a-stick and charred everything. A reflection of their draconic influences and past diets in the islands, they do not have great senses of taste and crave 'strong' flavors and very crunchy foods. They make ample use of spices, including the infamous dragon pepper. It’s not recommended for races without strong teeth to attempt eaten dwarven bread.

Orcish cuisine: a lot of use of fish and reptiles (including iguana, crocodilians, and turtles), well balanced with fruits and vegetables (especially coconuts, pineapple, and roots) - meat is frequently “barbecued” and coated in sauces. There are curries, rich stews, and steamed wraps.

Seelie cusine: are more likely to eat fine fruits, cheeses, and fresh meat cuts
Unseelie cuisine: a notable interest in (often magical) insect cuisine, root vegetables, and dark fruits
Wild Fae cuisine: the most likely to fall under the stereotype of eating nothing but fresh/raw fruits, vegetables, and meats due a lack of true culture
Elvish cuisine: aren't too far from the tastes of the seelie, but have more extravagant cooked spreads and less in the way of fresh or deli ingredients - a lot of elaborate dishes and baked goods like twisted pastries with berry jams and beef wellingtons. a great deal of berries, herb usage, and wine-based sauces

Cuisine Submission Form
[b]Name:[/b] [b]Food / Drink / Spice:[/b] [b]Main Ingredients:[/b] [b]Type:[/b] (soup, salad, juice, etc.) [b]Description:[/b]

Drug Submission Form
[b]Name:[/b] [b]Main Substance:[/b] [b]Description:[/b]

Examples of Local Dishes to post below:

- fried lava roe / lava beluga caviar
- lunar flamingo tea eggs
- dwerg’s bane

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