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Name: Sunset Sanctum
Location: outside the city, 15 miles north of Thornmouth
Type: Supernatural Safehouse
Hours: all day, all night

In the transitional area between farmland and wastes north of Thornmouth, one can find a sanctum built from the remains of an old castle tower spiraling deep into the earth, an inn of sorts for supernaturals troubled by problems beyond their control. It is a place where the ‘afflicted’ such as vampires and therianthrope can surrender themselves during bad nights for voluntary lockdown. The accommodating rooms and more practical silver-barred cells are placed at the very bottom of the tower, away from the light of the moon and surrounded by earth to pacify the undead. They keep stores of various bloods, bloodwynes, medicinal remedies, and fresh meat - often paid for by donations from the king and charity events. They are always accepting donations of blood (taken and tested on site from donors to ensure safety), silver, certain herbs, and bags of dirt taken from other places on Anexus. A scattering of dirt from one’s homeland helps local vampires rest and so the sanctum has what is likely the largest existing collection of soil samples from around the continent. It sees occasional visits from mages and scientists alike for this reason! Those who work there include the seldom seen Keeper, a resident alchemist, and a small assortment of volunteer workers that help take care of the guests and grounds. In the gardens above there is a hot spring known to soothe the aches and pains of shifters, which can be a rather packed and noisy place of socialization certain mornings.

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