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    (This group has been inactive for a while. I'm truly sorry about this! I promise I love and adore the craft still, and am thinking about ways to revamp the group and its resources to revive it in the near future. Please sit tight while I sort things out. Feel free to make use of the forums in the meantime!)

    Hello there and welcome to The Yarn Stash, an OOC group for knitters and crocheters! Our purpose is to share our (in progress) works with one another, give and get advice and tips and share patterns with the rest of the group. :)

    Please take careful note of our rules before joining.

    All members are automatically accepted, no application required. People who want to learn to knit or crochet are encouraged to join!
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    Have a wonderful day!!

    Posted By Sanne on Aug 6th 2016

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Keep on creating with your needles and hooks, and enjoy an adorable picture to make your day even better! :)



    Learning how to Knit

    Posted By Sanne on Feb 17th 2016

    Hey everyone!

    I collected tutorials and put together a page for people who want to learn how to knit. You can see it in action in the menu, or click here.. Of course you can always post in our forums to get help if you get stuck anywhere.

    I also want to do something similar for crocheting, but as...


    Knitting for Charity - Make an Impact!

    Posted By Sanne on Jun 6th 2015

    As some of you may know, I have begun to knit for charity recently. In particular, I have started knitting breast prostheses for breast cancer survivors who aren't happy with the silicone prostheses that are more commonly used globally.

    Although my process is a little slow at the moment, I'm...


    Featured Technique: The simplest stretchy bind off

    Posted By Sanne on Mar 5th 2015

    There are a lot of knitting bind-offs out there that allow for a stretchy finish, but most seem to involve a darning needle and a lot of patience or simply aren't stretchy enough.

    Stacy from Very Pink Knits demonstrates a stretchy bind off technique that stretches 30% more than regular bind-offs!...


    Featured Technique: Determining Long-Tail cast on tail

    Posted By Sanne on Jan 28th 2015

    Nothing is more frustrating than casting on 150 long-tail stitches and running out of tail yarn - or perhaps having a severe excess of tail! While there are many ways to calculate the length of the tail to get the right number of stitches on your needles and an appropriate length of tail, there's...


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