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So, I'm still on straight lines. But these straight lines have buttons!

tumblr_n4ocb3fRgn1smxk2to3_250.jpg tumblr_n4ocb3fRgn1smxk2to2_250.jpg tumblr_n4ocb3fRgn1smxk2to4_500.jpg tumblr_n4ocb3fRgn1smxk2to1_500.jpg

It's a bookmark thing. It wraps around and the book and the buttons hold it in place. It should fit for any size books because of the three buttons and the stretch it has. I made it as part of a trade with Strangedisease. She agreed to draw one of my characters for a bookmark, but this is a little more than I told her I was giving her. Hopefully she likes it.
This is really making me want to design some nifty bookmarkers myself! Love them. <3
It's so colorful~
I have a scarf that measures ~11.5 feet without the fringe, but the mannequin I put it on doesn't have a shirt on and I don't want to offend anyone's ideals by showing them plastic nipples, so the scarf is found Here and the fringe detail is here.
I've got some new things going on!
multi_coloured_dice_bag_by_cacophony_cache-d7o8k3k.jpg A dice bag for me.

purple_dice_bag_1_by_cacophony_cache-d7o8jit.jpg A dice bag for RPR's MadRatBird

unclaimed_scarf_1_by_cacophony_cache-d7kjvqs.jpg Thin variegated scarf in blue, green and yellow.

cherry_red_collar_by_cacophony_cache-d7kjvrj.jpg A cherry red collar for winter.

hufflepuff_scarf_by_cacophony_cache-d7kjvsu.jpg Hufflepuff inspired scarf.

fingerless_gloves_by_cacophony_cache-d7kjvun.jpg Missmatched fingerless gloves.
I love the scarves.

Working on a blanket at the moment. This is the difference in three days.