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I've been so wrapped up in conducting interviews that I haven't thought of a storyline for the Franchise's first episode. I guess once I have the first batch of interviews done, which will take a while, then we'll begin, but before I can do that, let's plan or something.

I'm gonna propose that some of you fellows take up an assignment dealing with nuclear waste or pollution in several forms. Given the varied talents amongst the PCs I thought maybe this would be a test run to see how you'd all "solve" this case (I certainly do not know the ending of this episode, only the beginning). As for whether or not I should use post order (I'm hoping not), or if we should use dice (decided at this point to be for one use only and that's for random outcomes of the next PC, and even then, that's optional), that's still up in the air for me.

Your thoughts are appreciated.
Are you looking for events to happen within the nuclear waste/pollution theme or are you looking for other ideas as well? Because I can lend some creativity to either, if you'd like. :)
Sure for either.
My brain sucks for coming up with any initial thing, but I'm happy to offer input on whatever. ^^

Pollution/Nuclear Waste
  • Genetically mutated something-or-others (could be anything or everything) that are eating some really weird plant or animal. Maybe the moles have suddenly started multiplying and little holes keep popping up all over the place, making peoples tempers short with each other as they attempt to fill in the mole holes.
  • Physical or Mental supernatural abilities begin to spontaneously appear in various people--and they have no idea how to use them or how to control them. Thus some unsuspecting neighbor accidentally laser-beams another's house.
  • A plague of something occurs. Could be anything from frogs to flies to wombats...or even pigs with wings!

  • Natural disasters: tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, wild-fires
  • Crime: Thefts (ranging from petty crimes to grand larceny, murder, etc)
  • Famine/Plague (could go hand-in-hand if the plague leads to a famine, or vice versa)

Just a few ideas at any rate.
...I like that mole thing.
Ah, that reminds me: the moles could be radioactive... XD Just in case you needed some genetics anomaly thrown in there. XD
Good, good! I'll keep these things in mind. Interviews are going slow, but I'll still try to keep up despite college.

Other scenarios I personally would like to explore in possible future episodes:
  • Stop a school district wide robbery of classroom computers
  • Escort a near-extinct animal across the border
  • Build a house for a displaced family a la Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  • Film a low-budget horror movie within a given timeframe
  • Help out flood victims
  • Introduce school spirit to the least spirited school ever
  • Break up the illegal Neko slave trade in ______________
  • Stop a riot
  • Stop an assassination attempt on someone's life
  • Prevent a forest fire

The more I add, the more I'm reminded of Elite Beat Agents. Let me go add that to the Inspiration list right now.
I know that I can be patient at least, and I'm sure the others can too, so make sure you don't fall behind in your classes and that you do keep healthy and stuff, 'kay?

That said... all that sounds pretty cool. :) And goodness knows this site's made it quite clear that the neko slave trade is going strong... x.x
Still here; I'm just trying to come up with an elaborate Wave Communicator failsafe is all, should it fall into the wrong hands. It's taking me too long and I apologize for that.
mk_97 wrote:
Still here; I'm just trying to come up with an elaborate Wave Communicator failsafe is all, should it fall into the wrong hands. It's taking me too long and I apologize for that.
*hugs* Hush. You're being awesome. :P
Ack, sorry, I'm still here too! Well, back at any rate.

I LOVE those ideas you posted, mk_97! Seriously, I could see Yvette participating in all of those. I particularly love the irony of introducing spirit to the 'least spirited school'. XD Although the whole escorting the near-extinct animal somewhere would be a ton of fun...

And I totally have this image of a pyromaniac running around with a lighter or something, trying to cause a forest fire while everyone tries to stop him. XD
Bump - I haven't heard from the other members of the group yet, so their input on what may happen is appreciated, too.
I'm... not sure what to say .__.

Some of these sound absolutely ridiculous.
That's not a bad thing - the more absurd the more Revy would fit in, I think. Drop some acid and let the insanity begin, I say XP

Ravenous radioactive moles... what in the hell. O.o
Oh hey. I keep forgetting that I've got Sal.

While I very much doubt he could be much of a thing on his own, this place seems like a good one to throw him in at some point to harass folks. >.> Maybe tie him into something.
Happy Epic week everyone!

1) I have not forgotten about interviews, but I can't sit still and get in the right mindset due to school. I'll have responses posted Sunday...

2) well as the OFFICIAL FIRST EPISODE OF THE OVERWATCH! I'm going to write the prologue now. Keep in mind that ANYONE, yes, ANYONE can join in, Freelancer or not. All they have to do is sign up; interviews are also optional (but still encouraged).

3) This is what I might be using to denote specific episode threads:

[HUB] EPISODE ## [TITLE] (Introduction/briefing at a place, links to threads)
[TASK] EPISODE ## - [DESCRIPTION] (Description can be a place, an event, can change mid-thread)
[COMM] EPISODE ## [TITLE] (Wave Communicator transmissions)
[STORY] EPISODE ## [TITLE] (Events in the story so far) [Possibly a Google Doc if anyone's interested]

Changes pending. I have to get in the right mindset now; see you all in a bit!

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