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  • It's been a while - UPDATES

    Posted by Boe December 17th 2023, 9:18pm I haven't been around to moderate this in a while, but now that I'm spending more time on the PC, I'm going to go through and delete a lot of old posts that are linked to accounts/characters that no longer exist.

    We also have been on alert for an old scammer that's reemerged. So please be super...

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  • Scammer Update

    Posted by Boe August 30th 2020, 9:00pm As many of you know, we had someone named "Godfather" in the past, steal a lot of alts and tried to sell/pawn them off. Recently, they resurfaced and several other alts have been found to be stolen. FAM + FAZ posted something in their discord with the following link:...

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  • New SCAM list found

    Posted by Boe April 16th 2019, 11:27pm âš  !! URGENT !! âš 
    We've had a lot of scammers surface and one is at it again.

    The post has been reported but if it does, here is a screenshot:

    Please make sure you check that list to make sure that...

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  • New Mods! - Still hiring!

    Posted by Boe April 11th 2019, 12:09am It's taken me a while to post this...

    I want everyone to welcome 2 new mods to the group!! Xela & Madam!!!

    Please make sure you make them feel welcome! And we're STILL hiring, guys!

    Please make sure you look here for qualifications!

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  • Mass deletion

    Posted by Boe March 18th 2019, 12:46am Hey, all!

    It's me again. I apologize to those of you who might have gotten a heap of messages from me in response to deleting older threads that you might have requested deletion or had multiple threads out there! Unfortunately, there isn't a way for me to turn off the automatic messages that...

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  • Reminder, Hiring mods & Affiliations

    Posted by Boe March 17th 2019, 3:39pm Hey there, everyone!

    I hope everyone's doing awesome and enjoying their spring break for those of you who may be in school or off work to take trips! And for those of you not in the US, I hope you're doing awesome, either way!

    I just wanted to remind everyone to be courteous to one another and...

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