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This is where you can find characters that are part of the setting, but still open for use by players! We asked they be used sparingly as needed to set a scene and not made into fodder or pulled into deeper plots without permission by council. A brief profile of each character is provided so that players can keep these figures as IC as possible when mentioned. There are other NPC of greater notoriety listed here.
"Gertie" is a local haunt and mooch. Displaced by what appears to be, in her words, a destructive mining effort in her mountains and recently re-homed by Tommaso Grimani and the necromancer Ansul, Gertie is an enigmatic, loud, dull and conceited gryphon who now nests in the Mushroom Forest (though she frequently makes her way into the town for scraps and to explore its spires and rooftops).

Her tantrums are legendary but her loyalty is true - those gifted with the esoteric means to summon her are granted access to a fast-travel mount, an eager garbage disposal, and the capability to conjure extremely localized wintry weather regardless of their surroundings.

WHEN PLAYING HER: she speaks in brisk rapid-fire Common (reminiscent of irritable chirping) and ALL CAPS - or the seventh listing down on this Lingojam generator. Personal pronouns are never used in reference to herself or others (save for "mine,") and are instead replaced by the target's name or an appropriate-enough descriptor (think Elmo or George of the Jungle). Her prescribed solution to any inconvenience, no matter its size or scope, is to eat it. She loathes dragons - as gryphons are clearly superior.
Name: Sumit Moltenger
Type: Businessman - Coffeshop Owner
Description: Sumit Moltenger - a local dwarf and owner of Sumit’s Coffee, oddly tolerant of magical folk and rumored to only be half-dwarf, among quieter gossip that he's an exile from his people. A quiet man who works hard and keeps much to himself, if always maintaining a watchful eye on the clientele. A preference for fur-lined attire, about 5’10 with slightly graying jet black hair, warm brown skin, red scaled joints, pale yellow eyes, and small forehead knots where horns might be.
When Playing Him: Sumit is a quiet man and not particularly conversational. In general he's best used as supporting flavor for casual scenes, to fill in a 'server' role and let players know that the owner of the establishment is around. When he does speak it's usually very short and to the point, but not necessarily in a gruff or unkind manner - merely distant and withdrawn. It seems that life may weight heavily on him - but he does have a soft spot for older women, whom he tends to be quite doting on!

...older women and cats. There are often strays lingering outside of the coffeeshop hoping for a saucer of cream.

Name: Akros
Type: City Guard, Private - Nightwatch
Description: A young tiefling, tall in stature and built like a rogue. Very scarred, red-skinned and with pale hair. Disposition wise, he comes off as hardworking and pleasant to most folks - someone happy to offer a helping hand and a pleasant smile in the public eye. He tends to wear expensive clothes when not wearing his armor.
When Playing Him: However, secretly, Akros is one of the Guards you can pay off to look the other way in most situations and often involves himself in more shady business when he thinks he can get away with it. Deep down, he's not a very pleasant person.

If you want to have him overlook something your character does, feel free to ask Council if it fits!
(Art Pending)

Name: Dalmaine Liahice
Type: Manaraptor Breeder - Swamp Satyr
Description: A cranky swamp-dweller, and sister of one Laerdya. Not an elf, but a Satyr living in the swamps with a strange gator-creature. She's generally unfriendly, hates most people on her land and especially hates people who bother the magical tree in her backyard.
When Playing Her: Want a way to a Manaraptor? This character can help! Let us know if your character goes through them, so we can keep track. Please don't do anything to her tree without talking to Rook first, as that design/character technically belongs to him.

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