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While your characters can largely be whatever you envision them as, some positions in society have more sway then others. We prefer highly notable members of society to remain as NPC (members of the monarchy, captain of the guard, etc.) but many others are open to application! We hope to find a balance between maintaining the setting and allowing for player freedom. This form is not just for preexisting characters, but also proposed new ones tailor-made for the role!

The following are suggestions for roles in society that you may want to consider a character for - but remember, this is a bustling metropolis! They are merely indications of the type of positions considered influential, not necessarily ‘open’ positions or in need or replacement - there is no shortage of people to fill such roles! In most cases you can assume an NPC is filling any given role (when a player character isn’t). When applying, you may use an existing character or create a whole new character, either way encouraged to concoct a story for how they gained or are to gain their position. We welcome retroactively assuming a character has been around in their position, given such an assumption isn’t found intrusive to existing lore! All we ask is that you be sure to not apply for any important roles that are already taken by players or restricted to council. A list of already influential public figures can be found here.

Examples of undefined notable figures include (but are not limited to):
  • school headmasters
  • guildmasters
  • heads of noble family houses (anyone can make a noble house)
  • foreign dignitaries
  • (other) celebrities

In order to submit your proposal, please post the following in this thread or message it to Rook, Rigby, or Tar:

[b]Character Name:[/b] [b]Role Desired:[/b] [b]Local?:[/b] [b]Character Type:[/b] [b]Character Description:[/b] [b]Proposed Position Acquisition:[/b]

Character Name: character name
Role Desired: social role proposed here
Local?: Y/N
Character Type: preexisting/tailored
Character Description: A brief summary of your character, especially in relation to the desired role (e.g. their expertise or claim to fame).
Proposed Position Acquisition: How would you like your character to have acquired their role? While it’s not necessary for a character to be local, please note someone new to the city may not have much of a chance of replacing one in a significant position. While undefined positions are open to application, please assume them to be manned by appropriate NPC in the meantime! The character applied can be preexisting and taking over the position in some fashion or the proposal of a new character, with history to become retroactively canonized if desired.

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