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Hello! Please describe your characters here:-
1. Name:
2. Hero/Villain:
3. Special Ability:
4. Class 1A, 1B (Advanced Magic) 1C, ( General studies ) :
5. Teacher/ student:

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Hero or Villain-Hero
Special Ability- Fear Factor (if anyone yanks off his blindfold,they will see their worst fears by staring into his eyes.)
Teacher or Student-Student
Aaron added to students' register!
Name: Hotaru Takeda
Hero or Villain: Hero
Special Ability: Flying Sword Style (its more of a fighting skill - she combines her ability of quick flight in conjuction with swordsmanship to have this special fighting style)
Class: 1-A
Student or Teacher: Student
Name: Tatsuya Mikio
Hero or Villain: Hero
Special Ability: 'The Fool' card; this card seals the use if magic within a specific area. The user, if skilled, can expand this area. This stops magic from activating.
Class: 1-A
Student or Teacher: Substitute Teacher.
Hotaru Takeda added to students' register!
Name: Arielle Niarae
Hero or Villain: Hero
Special Ability: Teleportation; allows the user to Teleport anywhere within a fraction of a second.
Class: 1-A
Student or Teacher: Student
Name: Kayo Akamushi
Hero or Villain: Hero
Special Ability: Swarm- They are able to become or communicate with any insect they come in contact with. They can take insect abilities (wings, venom, sight, hearing) but x10.
Class: 1-A
Student or Teacher: Student
Kayo added!
Character Name: Alessi
Status: Villainous Mercenary
Ability: God Sethan (Named after the god of chaos, Alessi can manipulate his shadow and reverse a person or object's age if they come into contact with said shadow.)
Class: N/A
Character Name: Griffith Madden
Status: Anti-Hero
Ability: Night vision, telekinesis, dowsing
Class: 1-A
Student or teacher: Student
Sorry for late response ! Griffith added!
Can we add other characters for school staff such as a school nurse? I have the perfect OC for that.
Sure, go ahead.
Name: Wakumi Aokawa
Hero or Villain: Hero
Special Ability: Precognition (able to have random flashes of the future, but she has no control when they appear - her natural ability as a Honengame Yokai)
Spirit Barrier (is able to erect energy shield for defense, which can block against offensive magic and special abilities, although a too powerful attack can break it - it is light green in color and translucent)
Class: N/A
Teacher or Student: N/A, travelling pharmacist, currently works as a school nurse
(page for them isn't finished yet, sorry about that.)

The Riff-Raff siblings!

Name: Millie Evans
Age: 24
Hero or Villain: Villain
Special Abilities: God Khnum (Millie can adjust any part of her body or another creature's body to mimic people or animals. This effect does not work with clothes.)
Water of Khnum (Millie can fire compressed bullets of any fluid she chooses, about as small as a pin and about 10 times more deadly than a powerwasher.)

Name: Moxie Evans
Age: 11
Special Abilities: God Thoth (Moxie owns a comic book that can predict the future through book panels. These predictions are bound by fate and are bound to happen one way or another.)
Rewrite (Moxie can turn any person's body part into a "book" and read information about them. He can insert commands which the victim are inexplicably forced to follow.
Name: Angel lane

Special Ability:Float (She can make herself levitate and suspend herself in mid-air.)

Hero or villan:Hero
Teacher or student:Student
Name:Gavin lloy
Age:15 (21 if I can)
Ability:Get his secret sword out from the air

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