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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: October 03

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These hands



I'm pretty much known as Doge around here~
RPs are nice though and I've been roleplaying for.... Roughly 10 years I think? That's like half of my life xD What am I saying, I have no life. It's all Internet

What is it that I want?

About me

I'm from Finland and have been planning on starting my own webcomic for quite some time now. But I never get to work on it x3 Mmmmmmmmmmmmm It's not easy (having like a dozen of failed comics that I started to draw and never really got any further than the sketches.. They haunt me. The horror comic that was supposed to be soooo good, and before that, a freaking Bleach ripoff. I mean RIPOFF. It was almost like I took the characters from Bleach, made them dogs, added in some of my own characters and called it amazing. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa)

RP info things, I guess?
I'm not sure what all to write here. I'm not much of a planner? Or, yes, I am, I do like to plan things and give out ideas

I don't have a specific genre that I like to RP. Modern and military might be my favorites, but I'm fine with mostly anything. Horror is a genre I'd like to try more. I'm bad and inexperienced when it comes to romance. Sexual stuff might be quite uncomfortable to me. I'll try anything and I feel like I want to be good with most of the things but yeah. Try me?

To be honest, I do all kinds of things
From sci-fi space and laboratory stuff to quite possibly ancient Rome, or the World Wars or medieval times
Or modern, it's all fine with me

My characters are pretty much fit for anything and everything as well, I can just plan out slight alterations to their back stories and such. It can all be negotiated with


Feel free to chat with me or ask questions~
Also, there is a Thing that I'm working on

You can find me here:

So I remember, or find it again

x x x x x x x x x

Rave Reviews

  • The life of the party, the kind of sticky stuff that binds friends together. Rei is an innately positive influence, a rolemodel for optimism and gentle feelings. Artistic expression and creative writing and an inclusive mentality are sweet rich icings on this fluffy...
    -- Samster
  • Reirei took a character of mine intended for a single scene and, through IC interaction, made her into one of my deepest and emotionally invested characters. She has a way of breaking scenes down into a progression of minute details that really flesh things out and...
    -- Petrovalyc

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