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IC Groups

  • Mystic Studies Institute

    IC group with 3 members An institute dedicated to studying the strange powers that elude scientific explanation
  • Rangers of Andor RPs

    IC group with 7 members Rangers of Andor RPs
  • The 64th Annual Hunger Games

    IC group with 2 members A roleplay of the 64th Hunger Games, who will emerge the Victor?
  • TV Show RPG

    IC group with 2 members You can RP any character from any TV show in this RPG. Request. Made ups are welcomed
  • Moon and Sun Kitsunes

    IC group with 4 members
  • A Town to Die For

    IC group with 11 members A survival horror group set in a sentient, malevolent landscape vaguely resembling a circa. 1960's u...
  • Jewel Shards

    IC group with 1 members Inuyasha Inspired RP
  • Steven Universe

    IC group with 1 members "We....Are The Crystal Gems....."
  • Cinder Lake

    IC group with 1 members
  • Yougioh only

    IC group with 1 members Yougioh only, made with great adventures

OOC Groups

  • Zanzus

    OOC group with 1 members
  • USA Political Discussion

    OOC group with 11 members This is an experiment in allowing political discussion on the RPR, while still preserving most of ou...
  • Pull up a chair...

    OOC group with 9 members Imagine a room with friends and a cup of joe... Where jokes are made, advice is given and good food ...
  • The Epic Armory

    OOC group with 327 members Join to share battle equipment!
  • Gender is a Spectrum

    OOC group with 5 members This is a group for the T in LGBTQ+, as well as NB and anybody else on the broad spectrum that is ge...
  • WhatName

    OOC group with 3 members Just have fun, talk, read, write, whatever you want
  • Elves unite

    OOC group with 4 members
  • Let's Just Talk

    OOC group with 49 members Let's just talk. That's it, just talk.
  • RPR Autism Comunity

    OOC group with 2 members
  • RP Help Compendium

    OOC group with 9 members A place to host documents for community use. Contribute, borrow, edit.

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