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IC Groups

  • Dreimaal Galaxy

    IC group with 6 members A new Sci-Fi roleplay based in Discord and Furcadia.
  • Xemore

    IC group with 6 members Small, worldbuilding Sci-Fi RP group with heavy victorian inspiration. Currently in beta!
  • Daslabor

    IC group with 19 members (Daslabor: Rebirth) A revival on Daslabor, a roleplaying group about a secret laboratory that does s...
  • Nascense

    IC group with 1 members Nascense
  • Rift Exploration

    IC group with 1 members Explore a massive fantasy world made by me. Overflowing with magic but not much tech.
  • Blood and Ruin

    IC group with 5 members A grim, fantasy adventure roleplay with swords, magic and monsters! Currently accepting applications...
  • The year is now.... 1890.

    IC group with 1 members This RP is a 2nd chance at romance and has some drama. It will deal with events that lead up to Chic...
  • Iðavöllr

    IC group with 47 members The Germanic Heavens
  • Golden Crowns

    IC group with 1 members Dedicated to fostering positive relationships between the people and Pals of the Palpagos Islands.
  • Astral Woods Academy

    IC group with 3 members An Academy for the Gifted Youth.

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