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IC Groups

  • Etymology

    IC group with 5 members Modern apocalypse roleplay.
  • Topaz Panthers

    IC group with 1 members
  • Talk to me or others

    IC group with 1 members You get to talk to me, sayori! Or you can talk to others who came here. Whichever you decide to pick
  • Pantharies

    IC group with 13 members
  • Anime Rp

    IC group with 1 members
  • The New Generation

    IC group with 16 members A School for the Newest Generation of Heroes
  • Fantasy Island

    IC group with 1 members This is a group were fantasy comes to life and mostly fantasy rps take place but other rps are also ...
  • The Secret World

    IC group with 6 members The Secret World
  • Star wars

    IC group with 4 members This is star wars secound gen come join!
  • Draconia Awaits

    IC group with 2 members A world of dragons

OOC Groups

  • Genshinners

    OOC group with 0 members Just a group where Genshin fans can talk and maybe discuss RPs
  • Lunarian Social Association

    OOC group with 2 members The LSAA is a group that supports efforts all over ranging universes, worlds, stars, species, and fa...
  • The Multiverse

    OOC group with 2 members An ever expanding universe with an expansive amount of lore to go with it.
  • Jadeth Guild

    OOC group with 3 members This is a group chat -- or chat room -- there will be another for RP

    OOC group with 7 members
  • Sirens

    OOC group with 1 members
  • Zanzus

    OOC group with 1 members
  • USA Political Discussion

    OOC group with 13 members This is an experiment in allowing political discussion on the RPR, while still preserving most of ou...
  • Pull up a chair...

    OOC group with 5 members Imagine a room with friends and a cup of joe... Where jokes are made, advice is given and good food ...
  • The Epic Armory

    OOC group with 312 members Join to share battle equipment!

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