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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Kaido Richards (played by ELS1526)
    He is babie Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Archerwolf100

  • Hilda North (played by JoJoApples)
    I went down the rabbit hole and read her whole profile when an update popped into my feed. What a developed backstory and lovable, sympathetic character. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Abigail_Austin

  • By now, who doesn't know of this prize potato? But I'm not here to give her kudos for her endless giveaways. I'm here to toot my horn about how no matter what, Som is hella encouraging and just a joy not only to be around, but to see be active in the community on the forums or on the Discord. Be it food, writing, anything - she's lovely & she's got time for you. Also, her characters are astounding. Take a read, drop a note - this tropical potato is a bit of living magic. <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Demilicious

  • I'm really overdue to give Mel here more praise. She recently opened up a free doodle thread in Art & Creativity, and even when I mention I wanna donate something to her cause she's being so awesome about it - she's like "Naw!". Mel is not only super talented, but she's got a big heart. She really goes above & beyond. Not to mention that she's got one hell of an imagination. Mel, you're wonderful. Thank you for being in my life. 10/10 a total dish Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Demilicious

  • Only 500 words is not enough to explain how amazing this writer is. The details she puts in each post is beyond amazing. It’s an honor to be role playing with her. I can’t wait for her next post!

    Stay amazing my friend!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - QueenSerenity

  • Jangel is definitely the best person I have ever role played with! Hes literate and encourages me to be as well! I love the roleplay we're doing at the moment, although It just started recently! I cant wait for our roleplay to continue and develop! I think our characters reay work together! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Agayturd

  • This ones a keeper. Great fun to chat with ooc and a darn good role player. He plays a great Alucard and i hope once we finish this tale we can continue to try other rps . I am glad we decided to give it a go as i am really enjoying the rp we are working on. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - GenaWindstarr

  • I'm currently doing two hopefully long-term Rps with them and I enjoy it! There writing style is unique and his characters are awesome!! I highly suggest doing a Rp with them. You won't regret it. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Elisora

  • I haven't talked to Stats in a while, but assure you, I still refer to them as my best friend. I'm sorry I didn't say Happy Birthday- I hope this makes up for it. But they are an amazin' writer, a very kind and beautiful person. Go check em out. Ily boo <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - _Ashir-Penny_

  • Usually I only do canon's with my friend Krispy, and it takes a lot for me to try canon's with others. So I was surprised at myself to find that I took up a canon for Gena. I worry about how I will do with the canon, yet Gena encourages me and assures me that she enjoys our rp. She has me laughing a lot with her posts, as her Gena OC is not only funny but good to give back what others give her. I have not been rping long with her, but she's one you shouldn't pass up if you can help it. 10★/10★ Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Winters_Fury

  • If You're Looking For A Wonderful RP Partner, This Is The Person To Ask! JaiyanaBinx Is Such A Wonderful And Creative Writer, And The Responses Are Fabulous! Good Day To You, And Many More! :D Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AmberShades

  • While I've given the writer separate kudos, I would be remiss to not specifically mention this character as well. Willow is a pleasure to RP opposite of and is an interesting character with strong dynamics. Her author clearly has a good feel for her personality and Willow is a much beloved counterpart for me in our story. Excellent job, Mintelle. Wonderful writer Long posts - DarkonDreams

  • It's amazing writing with this guy. Replies are shorter but always has something to work with. The incredible observation skills and interactions, no matter how simple, allows me to easily weave his characters into the story, actually promoting his as main character more often. Quick responses keeps the story moving. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - LunarValravn

  • It's time to gush about Sanne's amazing style commissions! Despite me not knowing technical terms for what I was talking about, she was very patient & asked many follow up questions to ensure she got the idea of what I was looking for. She's always open to feed back, checks frequently to ensure things are going to your liking. Sanne also has the ability to take your idea and elevate it to something even better than what you wanted! She's a masterful style builder! I would 1000% commission again! Creative ideas Fast responses - Somnom

  • OK. I'm back again to give Mercy massive kudos. I'm really into the inner worlds of my characters. I think we all are. They really listen and discusses in absurd detail my ideas, the problems the might create between characters, and where I think they will lead us. Finding someone who will plot that in depth isn't always easy. But, like, they're so good? So good. ;u; The best. Kudos to you, frand. You're amazing. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - winplaceshow

  • I was given the privilege of designing and coding a template/style for Somnom as a commission. She's been an absolute joy to work with, always communicating excellently what she wants and when we could move forward with the process. She sticks to the promises made and is very understanding of any unforeseen delays on my end! 10/10 would work with Somnom again. <3 Helpful Creative ideas - Sanne

  • Kaetil Murphey (played by Mipps)
    Kaetil is a delight to roleplay with. The character is such a delightful brawler, with a wonderful Irish aspect that I adore. I highly recommend if you are looking for a good brawler sort of rp, or anything underworld related, he is a good character to have on your side. Keira values his skills, knowledge and intelligence, as well as many other things. I have enjoyed the stories created, and look forward to the trouble Keira can get into with him in the future. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Morrigan

  • Amadeus (played by Mipps)
    I absolutely love just how frustrating and stubborn Amadeus has been with my lovely lady. He presents a good challenge, and is calculating, cold and no nonsense; yet he can also be sweet, attentive and humorous. Don't expect an easy go of it, if you are approaching him, as he is wary and not exactly a conservationist. But if you can get him talking, it is worth if for the mind underneath. I think very fondly of this character, and find the story worth it. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Morrigan

  • Avery Everys (played by khaellar)
    Avery is a bag of spunk your character will either love or hate. Everything she does has purpose and meaning – especially if it fulfills her own needs. She doesn’t wear her life on her sleeve, you really have to dig at her to even scratch the surface of how deep of a character she is. There is one thing for sure though, she is full of trouble and sure to spark a story full of drama that is pure delight. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Niamh Kelly (played by Ramika)
    Niamh is the sort of woman who comes with surprises. She digs under the surface of paired characters and seeks truth. She may not be an overly assertive person, but she has a way with her actions and words that connects her to others. She had a deep backstory that gives her wonderful depth in how she handles situations. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Anonymous