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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • Thylonicus is incredible, both as an RP partner and as a friend. I love our RP's together, I cherish our OC conversations, I love listening to your many ideas, I admire your creativity and I am grateful for your dependability. In short: Thylonicus is a wonderful person to whom I really owe a lot and who has accompanied me through a difficult time. Thank you very much for that. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Midnightmuse

  • I'm usually one to remain in the shadows, but I think Stormiedayz is worth every kudo she has and more so I'm stepping into the streetlight for a moment. Been reading a story Stormiedayz is writing with another writer and have to say I'm a fan and have subscribed! Her characters are well thought out and excels in her her writing for Charlie. I'm betting she writes her other characters wonderfully as well. She will be worth getting into a roleplay with! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Archivalist

  • Big kudos to Stormiedays for being an absolute rockstar with her creativity, writing finesse, and top-notch communication skills! She's not just talented, but also super understanding and easy to vibe with. Keep shining bright with that awesome combo of skills and personality! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vaporwave

  • Very easy going OOC. Kind and understanding. Flawless writing. I definitely hope to write with Vaporwave again. Long posts Fast responses - Stormiedayz

  • Tristen Benson (played anonymously)
    Tristen is the third character in a wonderful story being written in the Modern World! A simple yet direct character page keeps the mysteries of the man shrouded in the mist of the words that he writes in conjunction with Bella and Alec. I want to know more about him! Wonderful writer - Dawnia

  • Alec Lake (played anonymously)
    Kudos to Alec for hispart in writing an amazing group-story in Modern World! Moves the story along with ease in his wordcraft, and the descriptions within his paragraphs bring the scene to life!e story with her paragraphs! A simple and sensible character profile tells his background while keeping a mystery around him! Wonderful writer - Dawnia

  • Bella Bellinger-Bensen (played anonymously)
    I need to give Kudos to Bella for her part in writing an amazing group-story in Modern World! Excellent descriptions and is able to draw the readers into the story with her paragraphs! Good character background as well! Wonderful writer - Dawnia

  • Stormiedayz joined the Modern World group with a really cool character and I have been loving her writing in a story there! Befriended her because sometimes you can just tell someone is awesome! Enjoying reading along and I look forward to reading more of her work, and maybe one day roleplay with her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Dawnia

  • Duncan Diggs (played anonymously)
    Haven’t RP'd with this character but we're in the same private group and I enjoy reading his forum stories. Great detail in his writing with other characters and helps make good stories for others to read!
    - Scotty Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Scott Smith (played anonymously)
    I haven’t had a chance to RP with this writer but I have a great time reading his work. Great detail and writing. I hope to collaborate with him someday. -Duncan Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TarnishedHalo

  • Lightsbane is such a talented writer, skilled at bringing her character through life by describing both actions and dialogue in a beyond well formatted way that makes roleplaying with her a complete joy and always looking forward to the next reply with excitement! Wonderful writer Concise posts - Sunflower

  • Well, I've been seeing Keeby's characters inside Trixie's Bar, and having to interact with em brings a smile to my face! From a bro to a bro, I'd actually appriciate this lad's writing style and the image references to express their character's emotions, like I do sometimes! Stay fresh, Keebs! Creative ideas Concise posts - Taro_Nuke1

  • From what I've seen, Jesarya seems to be an all-around great person with some creative characters. I may not have RPed with her yet, but I hope to one day Creative ideas Wonderful writer - VoliminalVerse

  • Rebecca Kennedy (played anonymously)
    Met Rebecca via her 'Meet Cute' challenge prompt. Wasn't sure how it would go, but it has been challenging and fun! We have our own pace, but I believe we will make a great story together over the long term! If you get a chance to write with Rebecca, you should do it!
    from Mr Woodall Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Greg Adams (played anonymously)
    When I started a roleplay with Charlie Summers, I started one with her husband Greg Adams as well. A manipulative sort that has a way with speaking that can disarm you and get you to believe anything. Has been Scotty's best friend, at least Scott thinks so. In reality he is not a very nice guy. Wonderful writer and is quick to reply, and his posts keep the story moving forward. Having fun writing backstory with him!
    - Scotty Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • I have been enjoying a roleplay with Charlie since we started a story together a couple weeks ago. It is rare to connect with a like-minded writer that one can mesh so easily with. It seemed the backstory was made to mesh with Scott! I am really enjoying our story and hope it goes on for a long time!
    - Scotty Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Duncan Diggs (played anonymously)
    Definitely one of the best writers on the site. I’ve read him portraying a variety of characters, and he manages to effortlessly make them unique from each other. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Stormiedayz

  • A good friend and a wonderful artist with a really fun (and long!) list of characters! I highly recommend writing or commissioning her or just browsing through her brain babies. You won't be disappointed. Creative ideas Concise posts - Dndmama

  • A lovely person with a very unique cast of characters. Their writing is top notch but more than that they are just so damn helpful. Silly too. A very good friend and really fascinating to chat with. I really can't wait until they have time to write with me again. Helpful Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • Bluebell is a most delightful character to interact with, brought to life by a very talented writer who is not only good at dialogue but in moving the story forward as well.
    Sunflower is a patient, kind and comprehensive partner to work with. Extremely recommended. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Lightsbane