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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • Rev is amazing. When we first started roleplaying together, I found it really fun to experiment with how I usually roleplay. I enjoy our roleplay, and I'm hoping we can write together more! Amazing writer here, 10/10. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Nayrulianas_Blessing

  • I haven't been RPing with Nay long, but I am definitely enjoying every second of it! She is really nice, funny, and my GOODNESS does she write well. I can't help but smile whenever I read a new post from them and I am very glad to have started talking to them because they're just so sweet and entertaining. Kudos, Nay, you deserve more than you have 🥂 Drives the plot forward Fast responses - AliRevellian

  • DemonicScriver has been a joy to roleplay with! They always send well written posts, with lots to work with, and they’re full of new and exciting ideas. They truly keep the plot moving, I never struggle to find things to respond with. Even out of character they’re a joy, always giving prompt and kind responses and very willing to work with their rp partner. I highly recommend jumping into a story with them! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Leblublue

  • My RPs with this lady have become one of the highlights of my day! She writes well and her characters are compelling. She is keen to work with me to tell a great story! And she is a delight out of character! If you get a chance, play with this woman! You will be happy that you did! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DemonicScriver

  • Honestly one of my new favorite partners! Their characters have so much personality and their writing is so natural. I completely forget I’m reading an RP and not an actual quirky novel. I definitely want to write with this person more in the future! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - asherb92

  • Fantastic roleplayer for intimacy. Took the role seriously, and didn't rush anything. Behaved perfectly to make everything fall naturally in place for the discussed setting. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Claine is someone who I can feel confident to turn to when I need help with something, and I admire this. I like that they are willing to work with me to help solve problems. Kind and understanding Helpful - randomentity777

  • He's a sweetheart, and he came up with a great idea for a setting. Not to mention our chemistry in the setting was fantastic. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • faolan is an amazing friend and i’m so happy we’ve been at each others throats for the last year now. she’s always there for me and i have to mention just how GREAT she is at writing. it’s always hot and it’s always ready. i love this weirdo. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Rowboat

  • Awesome roleplayer! He drives the story forward, makes it really interesting, communicates OOC and takes into consideration other people's ideas too. The world he'd built makes you want to explore every little detail of it. If you ever have the chance to RP with him, don't miss out, because his posts and ideas can really make your day awesome and tickle your imagination. Can't wait to see where the RP with him will take us. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - JustAStory

  • Nox is a very friendly person. She also encouraged me a lot to give my own ideas and developments to the RP, and played off these developments I developed in a natural and very fun way. She very much gave me a good introduction to the website and showed me a lot of the joys of collaborative story-telling through her actions. Helpful Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Aya
    Extremely talented writer. We immediately hit it off, and brought the story to life without breaking a sweat. Aya is very kind and friendly. The story creating is nothing but pure enjoyment and writing with her comes very natural and easy. Very happy to have the opportunity to RP with her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - IstoElggur

  • IstoElggur is an amazing role player! I am enjoying our story very much, I don't always hit it off so quickly with another writer from only our first few replies, but world building with him makes me feel as though we have been writing together for years now. Highly recommended, very friendly and a talented writer! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aya

  • This kudos is long overdue. Unarnv is an amazing writer who is capable to create incredibly interesting scenarios that will keep you on your toes. The originality of his characters and his vision as a writer is really outstanding. If you want a very special and pleasant story (as his attention to detail makes writing with him really rewarding), do not hesitate and start a play with him! He is also a great person, very friendly and kind OOC! 100% would recommend! ★ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Nox_et_Aurum

  • So delighted to finally welcome my good friend and fabulous roleplaying partner Rhin into the RPRepository community! I’ve had the great pleasure of roleplaying with them since this last December of 2022. Their storytelling is excellent, and so is their cast of characters. I’ve sampled the one in an ongoing plot, but I hope to one day experience the rest! I highly recommend Rhin to anyone in search of a thrilling roleplay partner, it is an opportunity not to be missed! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Avelithe

  • Never roleplayed with Star before, but they seem very nice! (Also uh, not rp relevant but I love their pfp lmaoo) - etherally

  • Kwon Joon Ho (played by silentruth)
    An all-around wonderful character, that offers plenty of great interactions. Reliable in responses and communication, while contributing with interesting ideas to move the plot forward. There's room to explore different situations and difficulties, which I've enjoyed a lot these last months, and will continue to do so. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Petal

  • Amber Díaz (played anonymously)
    This girl is so much fun to write with! Always has a direction to take an RP! Liking the profile updates as well!

    There is a greater story behind this character, and much is waiting to be told. If you wish for a nicely-paced modern RP with someone fun, Send Amber a message!

    - Jay Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

  • I have been playing with Zephir for a while now and our roleplays have become one of the highlights of my day! She writes well and her characters are compelling. And she is a delight out of character! If you get a chance, play with this woman! You will be happy that you did! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - DemonicScriver

  • I’ve been roleplaying with Demonic in quite the time now, his posts always seems to suprise me!! Within that, he’s an amazing OOC person. Caring and understanding!! I recommend this man for his kindness and inspiration, his patience aswell! - True amazing man! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - zephir