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Anonymous Male His motives are clear; war till all is his, and overlap the weak.

Maxyne Valduciel

Anonymous Female Smart-assed tagline goes here.

The House Of Castedras

Anonymous Other

Marshal Kardev

randomentity777 Male The leader of the Arpar Crusade

Grimina Bram

Queen_Knight Female A noble woman who risked everything to keep her lavish life full of pleasure

Tanau Aleya

randomentity777 Female The Silent Sister

Death Adder

Azure-Tyrant Agender Every great story seems to begin with a snake...

Donnie Darko -SA

Anonymous Male

The Doctor and Changed Ones

Anonymous Other If you've suddenly felt a tingling sensation all over your body don't worry. All the others say it probably won't get much worse.


hexblading Cisgender Woman Death is a promise, and all we have is the present.

Dumping Ground



Dawnia Cisgender Woman My Test Character. Initially created for an RP that didn’t germinate. May be used at some point, but for now this is where I will play with stuff.

Abigail Knox

Dawnia Cisgender Woman University student. Works as a hostess at a restaurant.

Nina Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Woman Married for twenty years, and the time has worn it down. There has to be more to life…


BlackBlood Female WIP


Anonymous Neither A shapeshiftable caretaker of planets and corners of the universe, one step below a god.


Anonymous Female "A Succubus with more than enough power to hold her own."

James Revencourt

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Peter Aichen

Anonymous Cisgender Man The guy down the street.


Anonymous Male


Anonymous Male


Anonymous Non-binary