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Sumia Cisgender Male An illegitimate heir, born to a prince and a shape shifter. Is open for plotting and romance


Shin_Zahn Female Divine Dragon

Marco Palacios

Anonymous Cisgender Male Loving city life


Anonymous Female

Master Yasha

Anonymous Female Yasha is a chaotic woman on a quest to fell a great evil and become the best wizard ever!! What evil is she slaying? Well she forgot! So one thing at a time~

Imbryl Arthion

Blunderbred Cisgender Male A Drow night-guard doing his best to put the past behind him.

Sigismund Aristoi

Eigmer Male Descendant of ancient tribe with penchant for trouble - Work in Progress

Maiden In Red

Astrobeans Female The first Alice was a wrathful woman of the spade.


Drake_Lie Gender Fluid Rainbow Dragon

Cassius Sterling

Sumia Transgender Man A healer interested greatly in the dead..or your normal pet groomer



Indigo Eventide

Seven_of_Beasts Male "There is but one thing that prevails, always, even above Justice - Love."

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Kloomsy Other All types of characters from different genres.


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male A Field Commander of the Army and Prince Heir of Rhovania

Zakla Withertooth

GarnaalProductions Female An unliving Therion-hunting tribal witch with a lust for mortal blood


HikariShade Female