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Anonymous Bigender

Alva Timore

Anonymous Female A halfling who was raised by undead since birth.


Anonymous Male A male, shape shifting djinni that is accustomed to the shape of a large, black cat/panther.


Anonymous Demigirl Apprentice of... something? Everything?? Going on Mentor though-

Irene Mae

-WiiX- Female the ice princess


Anonymous Female

Eloisa Vittoria de Angelo

Anonymous Cisgender Woman


Greyson_Howler Male (Major Vice Alpha of Midnight Clan) (Member of the League of Legends) (Member of the Neon Knives) (Four-Hour-War Veteran)

M'Gregoryr the ZxenoStrider

Anonymous Pangender Your multiverse is my ramen soup

Trixie Pletch

Kitana_Minalie_09 Cisgender Female "A bunny to only be hunted by any predators around, a bunny to fend for her life"

Ygraine Daron-maid

Yimby Female Druid priestess far from home

X X McClair

Anonymous Cisgender Male

X X Malone

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Captain Walter McClain

KansasVenomoth Male The intrepid captain of the Unreliable

Logan Wolven

BiggestBean Male The old wolf

The Twins

LowRezCrab Male Two times the pure modelling capability!


Anonymous Female A strong drow woman.

Kieran Alabaster Marshall

Anonymous Cisgender Male


Kitsu289 Female "A Shrine Maiden Barely Keeping Her Origin"


Anonymous Cisgender Man


Anonymous Female

Arteliex Ahren

Arteliex Male FC Leader and Fanatical Mage who probably should find something better to do with his <time>.


TenebrasLux Cisgender Male

Elliot Aspen

Dekko Male A pastel-clad cafe worker who isn't really allowed to die.