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Erik X Lothar

Anonymous Cisgender Male


0nemoes Male An unusual specimen..


Anonymous Cisgender Female

Gavriil Rodion Starkov

Anonymous Cisgender Male The Shadow Summoner

Dark Plots R Us


Iris X Lothar

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Krios Darkmane

Aya Cisgender Male "He'll tear your gut and he'll eat your heart raw. His eyes gleam red, his heart will never thaw. Mark well these words, you quaking babes. Beware of Captain Darkmane."

Red the Arcane

Anonymous Female


Astrobeans Female

Raphael LaBlanc

Eros_Calls Cisgender Male Pulses, pulses everywhere but not a drop to drink

Rowdy Stevenson

Eros_Calls Cisgender Male Revenge can only carry a man so far...


Eros_Calls Cisgender Male Prince of the sea, master of navigation, hidden from all

Julien Alexandre de Bonvouloir

Eros_Calls Cisgender Male If I can not bend the will of Heaven, I shall move Hell.

Geist De Luca

Eros_Calls Male If I could bring you the moon, I would

Gabriel de Avilés

Eros_Calls Cisgender Male A good heart is the sun and the moon

Brandt Karr

Eros_Calls Cisgender Male Don't let your babies grown up to be cowboys

Apollo Pederson

Eros_Calls Cisgender Male If I could bring you the moon, I would


Eros_Calls Male Born Again but Just as Deadly


Anonymous Female

Feyre Nynaeve Zephyr

Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Male CAANDY!?

Rowan Overhill

Lunarthewolf Male Leader of the Myth Rangers