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Carter Mackenzie

Anonymous Female

Rebel Smith

Anonymous Cisgender Man


Kruhee Female From the sea they rise, golden in beauty and forever as turbulent as the tides.


Anonymous Male

The Black Orchid

Zelphyr Female A black marketeer who favors plants over humanoid interaction.

Vicente S. Vivas

hollow Male it's all fun and games until he sets your house on fire with you in it [w.i.p.]

Grace Liraz

snallygaster Female This is the story of a merc with a pistol for a mouth and a heart full of gold and her ragtag crew of misfits.


Krusnik Male "I'm a rogue and I'm a kitsune. I can't help but pull off SOME harmless tricks."


Anonymous Male German CEO; Descendent of a a fallen one.... Leader of a Secret Society.

Maisi Dennis

Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Female A wanderer looking for somewhere to wander.

Cody Allen

Anonymous Male


Anonymous Female The Wolf Witch of the Mountains

Yuki Chiaki

Anonymous Male "Validate me or I'll cryyyyyyyy..."

Medea Zerynthia

Anonymous Female

Edin Tahan and Kin

Anonymous Male A master magician and his apprentice/best friend.

Emery Drina

Satany Female Behind every bad bitch is a sweet girl who got tired of everyone's bullshit

Trapped Killer

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Cisgender Female


scarellett Female dont ever flirt with me


Scuz Male Modern/Crime/Supernatural/Horror/Slice Of Life - Vampire; A principled gutter punk with some lofty ideals, addiction problems and an obsession with music.