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Anonymous Other

Zhoralel Ishlio-audii

ToaNuva295 Male To the Ends of the Universe, or the Damnation of Us All

Vellie Mosetrio

Dantelli Cisgender Female

Elizabeth 'Hexlord' Daniella

TBWriter Female A conspiracy theorist driven to find the truth through digital breaking and entering, eventually leading her down the path of Cyberterrorism

Sibel Evelina de Angelo

Anonymous Cisgender Female

William J Malkerk

Dantelli Cisgender Male Captain and Detective of the Secret Organisation of Magical and Unnatural Containment (SOMUC)


InnocentAnger Female Fire breathing lioness


Anonymous Cisgender Man


Anonymous Agender

The Dark Emperor

Anonymous Male

Daxton Vernier

Wixiany Male An agent, a man too used to being alone and hiding all his emotions.

Lacey Milson

Xx_Ashy_Bear_xX Male A young man in search of someone to love him, care for him

Harper Lynne Belacqua

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Allysa Lunara Kartal

Anonymous Cisgender Female



Rowan Cathel McClair

Anonymous Cisgender Male

World of Ruzane

Anonymous Androgynous

Eloisa Vittoria de Angelo

Anonymous Cisgender Woman

Matthias Finn

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Nero Endymion Prince

Anonymous Male


Anonymous Female Smart-assed tagline goes here.