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Erik Konstantin Lothar

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Lucerys Blackfyre

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Li Suyin

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Feyre Nynaeve Zephyr

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Laena Carys Roydon

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Golden Tigers


Kuzarah Mallwyndir

Too_Many_Beans Hermaphrodite Confident in her abilities of both body and mind this dark elf may come across as cold and indifferent it is simply the mask she puts up for those she does not know.


Vaporwave Male A prince turned pirate

Poetry the Bard

JoyfulDemon01 Cisgender Male A bard who's downfall was the one thing he was searching for.


Dustus Male

Christian Montague

jolybean Male A brilliant but easily bored teenager willing to do anything to amuse himself

Rowan Sinclair

NedeMette Cisgender Female the lawyer

Romeo Sussex

NedeMette Cisgender Male

Riley Bateman

NedeMette Female the girl who wants to fit in

Miles Le Domas

NedeMette Male the shy but fun guy

Matilda Calderon

NedeMette Cisgender Female the darling

Lucas Vanderbilt

NedeMette Cisgender Male

Liam St. James

NedeMette Cisgender Male your local bartender

Isabella Diaz

NedeMette Cisgender Female undercover

Hailey Rodríguez

NedeMette Female the prostitute

Grayson Armani

NedeMette Male the guy who lives his parents life

Grace Trevino

NedeMette Cisgender Female

Evelyn Cordelia Alice Darling

NedeMette Cisgender Female the trapped woman

Emma Roosevelt

NedeMette Cisgender Female

Eleanor Calderon

NedeMette Cisgender Female the second choice

Dylan Armani

NedeMette Cisgender Male