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What is this place about?

We're all about role play.

Forum RP, chat RP, table top, LARP, character actions scribbled in notebooks and passed in the back of class -- If it's RP, we love it.

If you're new to RP, don't worry! We've got you covered. Check out this primer on basic RP concepts.

The RP Repository began life as a site that was just meant to create character profiles for people who either needed a practical and easy to use online character sheet, or for those people who had poured years into the narrative of a character and wanted a place to store and share all that story. Or hey, both. We aren't picky.

Since then, we've expanded into a warm and vibrant community of RPers from all walks of life. We have active forums, and a group system that allows you to store your world building info and have your own private RP forums (and chats) for playing within those worlds.

The site is constantly growing and changing, but our love of RP is at the core of it all.

How do I create a character?

  1. Navigate to Your Stuff » Characters.
  2. Click the big "Create a Character" button.
  3. Choose a name and gender. You may optionally also choose to prevent your username from being associated with the character in this step (for secret and mysterious alts)
  4. Your character is now created! You may now proceed to edit your character profile.

Use the creating and editing character help section to get more guidance on customizing your new character.

How do I find a RP to join?

Because we welcome any type of RP, there are a huge range of play styles and game rules to be found here!

Most commonly, people start their quest for RP by visiting our Find RP search tool. This tool aggregates ads posted to the Looking for RP forum and active IC groups, and lets you refine your search in a number of ways.

For more detailed information on finding the perfect RP for you, check out this article: Finding a RP

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December 19, 2022

@starsaline4 Head here! Click the pencil above the character. There is a button on the far right with a heart that says "(Your character)'s Relationships". Hope this helps!


December 19, 2022

How do you edit relationships on your character? (After creating it.)


October 23, 2022

Hey, I wanted to ask where one might post lore and word-building related info for a roleplay?


July 27, 2021

Hey, how do you post a picture into a chat? Like when you use the typing box, there's a button where you can import pictures, but it requres a URL and when I check it doesn't work. It just says the URL on the page. Any way to fix that? Thank you!


May 20, 2021

@Izumi_Midoriya It's kinda funky at first, and it may require you tinkering a bit. But when you have a "Gallery" widget for your character's profile, click inside the content area and it'll bring up a pop up window where you can add images or links to images from the web. You can size them as thumbnails, or full-sized images.

Hope that helps!


April 20, 2021

How do you add photos to your characters? like not the icon


March 20, 2021

@SnekySnekBoi It depends a lot on who you're playing with. :)

The norm here is commonly third person, freeform (no dice usage), play by post. If people don't specify something different, it's probably that.

But some groups prefer to set specific times to come together, and RP live using the chat function rather than posting when they have time and letting days go by between their activity.

Some use a gaming system like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder or any of the hundreds of others, and make heavy use of dice.

If you're just asking a more nuts and bolts question -- It can take place either on one of the three public IC forums (General RP, Fantasy RP, Sci-fi RP), in private messages, or in a private group that has its own private forums. It depends entirely on what level of privacy and control the participants want. :)


March 20, 2021

Ahh,, this sounds stupid, but how does roleplaying on here actually work? I know how to go to find them and how to make a request for one, but after that? I have no clue


July 18, 2020

@DragonLord_ Try checking your home page. :)


July 18, 2020

I have received character relationship requests from a friend that I'd like to accept but I'm not sure how I find the requests to accept them


April 21, 2020

I'm wondering if there is a list of font types we can use here.


April 20, 2020

wait can you delete comments in the guest book??


April 13, 2020

@haneulseongie - Totally. Go to Your Stuff > Characters and then click "edit" on the character whose gender you want to change.

Choose "(Character Name)'s Settings" and you can change their gender, along with a bunch of other options, there. :)


April 8, 2020

Is there a way to change a gender on a character?


March 26, 2020

Thank you. You have a very informative and helpful site. Well planned out and user friendly.