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ac-co-lade [ˈakəˌlād,-ˌläd] - noun
  1. An award, honor, or laudatory notice: The user's suggestion received accolades from excited programmers
  2. A ceremony for conferring knighthood upon an honored individual

Accolades highlight great community members and demonstrate our sincere appreciation for your contributions. The two minutes you spend filling out a bug report could prevent hundreds of others from having the same problem.

These folks are our white knights, defending and expanding the awesomeness of the RP Repository. Thank you!

  • Lacuna helped to clear away some ghosts from the custom character styles library. (6 hours ago)
  • AdoniVae helped correct the bloody rose series of character styles. (6 hours ago)
  • InquisitorCat helped to smear balm on Server's hives after he developed a nasty allergy to special characters and emojis. (10 hours ago)
  • Waldo helped identify a rare issue with group widgets. (10 hours ago)
  • AJ_89 helped to make announcement widgets a little better behaved. (10 hours ago)
  • haneulseongie helped to make it possible to have extra special inbox folder names. (11 hours ago)
  • Rogue-Scribe helped solve a mystery relating to oddball behavior from a specific introduction topic. (6 days ago)
  • Shinyrainbowlithogra helped the Epic Week 2021 research library do a better job of "zooming in" on specific articles. (6 days ago)
  • fiesch helped track down a wandering 500 error that was jumping out on seemingly random pages. (6 days ago)
  • Renegade helped Youtube videos display more sensibly in groups. (6 days ago)
  • Shinyrainbowlithogra helped improve the farming game. (1 week ago)
  • Zelphyr helped improve the farming game. (1 week ago)
  • 2pointO helped close a loophole with tools in the farming game. (1 week ago)
  • Shinyrainbowlithogra helped improve the farming game. (1 week ago)
  • Dndmama helped improve the introduction quests. (1 week ago)