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evil warlord [XXX]
The boss, aka the evil warlord's cousin [XXX]
bounty hunter/rogue [XXX]
righteous knight/lord/prince [XXXX]
woman of great beauty [XXXX]


evil warlord [XXX] is renouned for his murderous tortures and bloodthirsty ways, wrecking havoc and sewing death and misery in whatever lands he raids, often destroying families by taking captives to become his slaves, never to be seen again.

An eager bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] and a righteous knight/lord/prince [XXXX] seek to bring a murderous traitor to the gallows, not for the money, but in a head to head competition to prove the better man.

Both these men used to be best of friends in their youth and the royal army until they took opposite paths when a woman of great beauty [XXXX] arrived at the palace.

She became both men's object of love; the pair falling equally head over heels for her, though neither spoke of such feeling to the other they both secretly approached the girl, albeit with discretion.

Despite the bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] becoming more bold and making an offer of marriage ahead of his friend, she was engaged to marry the righteous knight/lord/prince [XXXX], by command of the king fell gravelly ill soon after the engagement ceremony.

This royal engagement caused bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] to desert the army and his best friend's side quietly, in the dead of night, and follow the path of thieves and assassins and bounty hunters, facing perils, roaming the lands and travelling far and wide, until he set his sights on capturing evil warlord [XXX] which was a target of a very generous reward offered by the king.


During his adventurous and perilous travels, bounty hunter/rogue [XXX], of poor means and great skill and by now a notorious reputation, entered a warlord [XXX] service, unaware he was kinsman of evil warlord [XXX].

The boss he has signed up for, is a warlord because of his vast wealth (plantations, mines, slave trades, raids) though the man lacked fighting skill, resorting to swords for hire instead.

Among the men he recruited there was bounty hunter/rogue [XXX]. The infamous mentor who promised to train the boss in the art of swordsmanship, archery, horse riding... in return for greater payments and allowances, spending some months teaching him the basics.

This training suddenly came to a halt when the boss refused to pay some members and had others of his own crew tortured and killed for the least mishaps and disagreements or no reason whatsoever.

bounty hunter/rogue [] disliked the heartless, ruthless, uncalled for cruelty and made a coup, double-crossing the boss defeating him and taking over wealth and crew, before continuing his path of wrongdoing with his new band of bandits.

evil warlord [XXX] hears of the boss, his cousin's downfall and is hellbent on revenge.

evil warlord [XXX] travels to the town where bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] was born and grew up and heard from the taverns gossips that woman of great beauty [XXXX] had been the cause of bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] abandoning the royal army and turning to the dark side for she was meant to marry another.

evil warlord [XXX] decides he is going to kidnap woman of great beauty [XXXX] in a bid to drag bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] from his hiding and make him fall into his claws, unaware of who she is and the love triangle between the woman of great beauty [XXXX], bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] and the righteous knight/lord/prince [XXXX] -- the new ruler of the lands.


evil warlord [XXX] personally takes matters into his hands and troubles himself to learn of the woman of great beauty [XXXX] whereabouts and routine, by bribing maids and tavern patrons to learn of the city/town where she lives, preparing for marriage.

On his way there, roaming and checking the different manors and palaces of different cities in her lands, evil warlord [XXX] falls upon a scarcely guarded carriage containing a rich noble lady.

Disposing of its resistance proved easy, and instead of murdering her, he decided that her ransom was worth more than the brief thrill of killing her, more so when he realised she was engaged to marry the prince and become the future queen of the realm.

Her value grows greater in his eyes, when he becomes aware that she was woman of great beauty [XXXX] he has been looking for all long. The craved key to getting his hands on bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] and sweet revenge.


bounty hunter/rogue [XXX] and righteous knight/lord/prince [XXXX] were still hunting down evil warlord [XXX] when the pair crossed paths at a cross-road raising friction between them.

More alarmingly, both stumbled upon the damage carriage bearing woman of great beauty [XXXX]'s coat of arms.

There is torn fabric from her dress, a necklace righteous knight/lord/prince [XXXX] had given her in the engagement party but she is missing, her body cannot be found.

Worry grows at the carnage of the scattered guards' bodies.

They knew it had to be evil warlord [XXX] and start looking for him to catch him unawares and rescue her, but he had greater numbers and was expecting the pair of them.

Since he is holding the woman of great beauty [XXXX] to ransom, with a blade to her neck, it was easy enough to convince the pair of noble men at heart to surrender to evil warlord [XXX] demands and whims so as to prevent harm upon the maiden they both still love.




- 3rd person replies preferred

- Player / character must be 16+

- Reply with enough content to keep the plot going. No minimum length requirements

- No god-modding

- RP will take place in "Medieval Fantasy group". Please join the group first and post in the main chat room to start with

- In the group chat room... State which position you would like to pick and which character of yours you would like to use

- Human/humanoid (such as elves) characters allowed (no animals sorry)

- Era: Medieval Fantasy

- No too OP characters

May I sign up to be the woman of great beauty?

sure, let me send you a PM

Please bear in mind the group age restriction/requirement 16+ minimum

Restarting the RP
All positions available

I may be interested to play the woman of great beauty! I've never done a group rp before but I'd love to experience this story!

Sure thing, come and join us at

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